Spiritual quest has always been the governing force of Indian culture, its core thought, and ruling passion. Art practice, at its best, is associate to meditation, a process of self-appraisal and distancing from worldly preoccupants, even as thought and vocabulary shape up over time.

Surekha Sadana paints in order to explore her growth and inferences from meditation. Even as she determines form and structure, the practice comes as a departure from the mundane, a transport to enlightenment, detaching her from whirlpool activities that ensnare modern society. To this end, her focus is on a cosmic glow that draws into its vortex those who desire inclusion.
Surekha’s canvasses are therefore anchored to notions of consecration and strength as manifest in works like Oneness, Devotion and Epitome.
Gender biases are incidental, sans bitterness or angst, an effort to disseminate strengths secured both via artistic and meditative pursuits.