Surekha Sadana
Holistic Health Coach
Nutrition | Lifestyle | Inner work

Healing with Surekha

Holistic, natural, & functional medicine; that’s the path hundreds have walked with Surekha to live their life to the fullest.
Surekha is an award-winning health coach who is driven by a passion to helping others realize the fullness of their lives.
Surekha is a multi-disciplinary professional; certified health coach, applied functional medicine practitioner, a whole plant-based diet expert and a yoga teacher.
Surekha, like a true holistic healer, has healed people of chronic illnesses, through working with them on their physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual levels (inner work)

How can we work together?

Diet and Nutrition

Bio-individuality is our main belief. Following an in-depth understanding of your existing diet, lifestyle, and genetics, I create customized food plans and monitor your body’s feedback to further modify the diet. I will guide you in several ways like, evaluating the right kind of food for your body, detox your body safely & adding medicinal herbs in your diet.



The mind and body are irrevocably linked. We cannot change the body without first changing our mindsets. In order to change our habits, we have to go inwards and recognize the impact of our relationships and daily interactions. Through this recognition, we can start the journey to transcend our mind and be centered in our own peace.

Personal touch

My focus is always to understand and help each person’s life, just as I do with my own family members. It is with constant support and compassion that a lasting lifestyle change can occur. Tracking your progress with a qualified health coach and meditator, assists in staying on track and slowly manifesting the changes you wish to see in yourself.

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step?

"I was on an insulin pump. After following you`re (belly blast regime) I see much change in sugar levels. I wake up with 77/90 etc. I do not need to take my bolus doses in the morning. I have lost about 3 lbs; I feel good."

Mrs. Shah
(Los Angeles, USA)

"We are planning for a second baby, & because of my Diabetes doctor asked me to reduce weight! I am off insulin & medicines; my sugar readings were never so perfect! I had been to an endocrinologist & gynecologist to check if we can plan a baby! They all said absolutely, Yes! We are motivated to continue this healthy eating."

Mrs. Sumanth

"The sinking feeling in my heart at all times made me feel so sick & would make me miss all the happy things I had in this beautiful present of life. At this point,a Divine soul (Ms. Sadana-I title her Divine Diva) came into my life,like the light in my never- ending dark tunnel. A combination of her expert guidance via calls, her suggested natural supplements,guided breathing & meditation techniques. Now I have become much happier & calmer in life."

Mrs. Asha Patel

Dear Surekha, I have been fortunate enough to be a part of your whatsapp groups on which you have tirelessly and patiently shared recipes, home remedies and motivational suggestions to enhance over all wellbeing. Thank you so much for your generosity of spirit and your ever willing attitude of helping everyone at all times! It’s been an inspiring journey so far and hope to keep learning and growing over the coming years! Wish you the best in your endeavors and may you continue to enlighten lives as you are already doing ❤

NIDHI KAKAR (Nutritionist and Holistic Health Coach)