Surekha Sadana
Holistic Health Coach
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Healing with Surekha

Holistic, natural, & functional medicine; that’s the path hundreds have walked with Surekha to live their life to the fullest.
Surekha is an award-winning health coach who is driven by a passion to helping others realize the fullness of their lives.
Surekha is a multi-disciplinary professional; certified health coach, applied functional medicine practitioner, a whole plant-based diet expert and a yoga teacher.
Surekha, like a true holistic healer, has healed people of chronic illnesses, through working with them on their physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual levels (inner work)

How can you help yourself?

Bio-individuality is our main belief. Following an in-depth understanding of your existing diet, lifestyle, and genetics, I create customized food plans and monitor your body’s feedback to further modify the diet. I will guide you in several ways like, evaluating the right kind of food for your body, detox your body safely & adding medicinal herbs in your diet.

The mind and body are irrevocably linked. We cannot change the body without first changing our mindsets. In order to change our habits, we have to go inwards and recognize the impact of our relationships and daily interactions. Through this recognition, we can start the journey to transcend our mind and be centered in our own peace.

My focus is always to understand and help each person’s life, just as I do with my own family members. It is with constant support and compassion that a lasting lifestyle change can occur. Tracking your progress with a qualified health coach and meditator, assists in staying on track and slowly manifesting the changes you wish to see in yourself.

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step?

I, Mala Venugopal, a life coach, retired as Vice President of a corporate company, would like to mention that I have known Surekha Sadana for the past three years and happily certify that she detoxes you at all levels, (be it body,mental or emotional ) by her fantastic healthy Plant based recipes which she shares so lovingly and along with the absolute measurement that one can just close eyes and follow. Any questions asked are well answered to quench all thirst and the tips provided are simple but yet so profound be it food consumption or gadgets to use keeping in mind the welfare of nature and one’s own welfare. She is so meticulous and passionate about sharing her wealth of knowledge with everyone who meets up with her. Life without her support would not be the way it is now. Wishing her all the very best in all her endeavors of spreading this love and knowledge to many more across the globe. Healthy living contributes to Heathy mind and healthy thoughts!

Mala Venugopal

Dear Surekha I have known you for the last 3 to 4 years. Thank you for all that you have taught me in the way of recipes Especially, your cooking classes were the best and your recipes were written to the tee I could duplicate it so easily. Every recipe of yours came out so well the ingredients and quantities like u used to say u would write exactly the way I made it Thank you for all that you have done for me and been to me Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart

Dr Sarah

So it had been 2 months now when I talked to you and started on this healthy way of living. I have lost 6.5kg. No tea no coffee no sugar . Mostly vegan way except for eggs. Thanks a lot Surekha . I will definitely be needing more tips and morale boost to keep me on this line. Thank you thank you thank you.

Dr Anjali
Panipat, India

Dear Surekha Mam, I wanted to write this testimony to let you know how blessed we as whole family feel to have met you and how grateful we are, for all the natural way of food preparation & disciplined life style technique that you have taught us. Before your guidance, I tried many times to lose weight, but was not successful like now. You made me see that the inside and the outside are connected. You gave me a much-needed reality check about the things that I was putting into my body. I am extremely proud to say that, now, my diet mostly consists of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and less processed foods. The Coconut water fasting for 21 days was really amazing. You taught me that it isn’t about deprivation, but choosing healthier versions of those foods. Because of your help, encouragement, and guidance, I love myself inside and out and I have great hope for the future. From the bottom of my heart - thank you, you are doing great job for well-being of Society & we wish you and yours all of God’s blessings." I have successfully lost over 10 kgand is still counting…

Prakash Goenka
Dubai, UAE