Surekha Sadana
Holistic Health Coach
Nutrition | Lifestyle | Inner work
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First free consultancy for 60 mins

⛦ Why work with surekha ?

● Her approach is simple, sustainable and easy to follow.
● There are no fancy diets that are difficult to implement.
● All the recipes are available on the website and are homemade, tried & tested in her own kitchen.
● Real change is never easy. It’s a daily task, a lifestyle change. Tracking your progress with a qualified health coach and meditator, assists in staying on track and slowly manifesting the changes you wish to see in yourself.
● Surekha is a highly empathetic individual who truly wishes to see people break their barriers and become the best versions of themselves.

⛦ How it works?

Dedicated personal/online coaching structured to empower you towards the right kind of nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. It helps you achieve your optimum health and fitness goals.
● Regular what’s app /email support on all working days from 12 pm -6 pm
● Customize food plans with excess to unlimited recipes on the website
● Emotional and spiritual support (inner work)
● Home remedies/herbs and natural supplements recommendations
● Non-dieting approaches to ensure sustainable weight loss and harmonize the mind/body connection.
● Handling stress-related issues and overcoming them.

⛦ Want to Get Started?

Your needs are unique, so should be your consultancy. Find what suits you the best.

⛦ What are your options-

Basic Plan

1 month of coaching 2 sessions (60 minutes each)

First step towards better Health

  • Consultation and understanding of your currenthealth condition
  • Nutrition and lifestyle adjustments to support your health and wellbeing
  • Goal oriented action plan to achieve optimum health and right body weight.
  • Regular motivationand inspiration
  • Customized meal plans as per your health requirements.
  • Home remedies/natural supplements to get more energetic and balanced body
  • Regular What’s app/email support (12pm-6pm)

Fee – 200$

Advance Plan

3 months of coaching 6 sessions (60 minutes each)

Complete understanding and support 

  • Includes everything in the Basic plan and MORE
  • Get in-depth guidance on nutritional healing & mindful exercises.
  • Building strong gut health and strengthening the immunity system
  • Customize diet plans tobuildstamina and strength
  • Deeper healing with alternate healing modalities
  • Work together on emotional and spiritual health
  • Make new habits and stay motivated
  • Long-term health goals
  • Regular What’s app/ email support (12 pm-6pm)

Fee – 550$

Wholistic healing

6 months of coaching 12 sessions (60 minutes each)

Inner and outer transformation

  • Includes everything in basic and advance planand MUCH MORE…
  • Heal inside out with complete, wholesome healing of your entire being; mind, body, spirit, and emotions. Get long-lasting results.
  • Continued guidance on menu planning and herbs/supplements
  • Work closely on inner transformation with breath work
  • Create a lifetime of better choices in food and lifestyle
  • Livehealthynaturally without medicines.
  • Clarity and confidence to face life and findyour own calling
  • Enhance creativity and passion in life
  • Harmonize your relationships, whiledealing with the inevitability of change
  • Regular What’s app / email support (12 pm-6pm)

Fee – 1100$