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RENU RANA (2013)

Surekha is one amongst the most spiritually inclined artists from within the art fraternity, and this is reflected in her art which is infused with her understanding of  theology and spirituality. Her early works were representational, dominated by the Buddha, dervishes and such. In her new series, she chooses to express inner substance over external materialistic manifestation. Through the series, aptly titled “SPIRITUAL ELEVATION”, Surekha seeks to convey the essence of the … Read More


There is much talk these days of the need for a spiritual revival.I should think that this need is evident enough, considering the state of our country in several aspects. But such revival will happen when the soil of outgrown dogmas and supersttions is swept clean.Still a new order of experience is thrusting itself up like a young sturdy grouth of an old tree. What better sign of this new concern with inner awakening than the return of a genre  like Surekha Sadana bearing as it does on … Read More


Flight of imaginations. Classical or ballet dance is one of the best introductions to contemporary art. Although a dance form, like Kathak, for instance, may have a story to tell, it does so only in an abstract form, through movement and gestures. The beauty of the human body in motion is the basis of its appeal and, whatever the mood or theme of the Thus comes the astonishing dance form of the spiraling, whirling dervishes. In this dance, the dancer has as if held up the mirror to those … Read More


Jyotirgamaya: Mystical Art of Surekha Sadana A colorful spread of paintings in a meditative medley surrounds the new body of Surekha Sadana’s art-scape. ‘Jyotir gamaya’ leading one from darkness to light and from untruth to truth; reveals something of her personal ideologies and pre-occupation with issues and assumptions about faith, belief, meditation, spirituality, and harmony. Inundated with tantric and other iconic symbols as visual metaphors, her artwork appears in a tactile … Read More


It would surely be safe to say that artistic activity begins when a man finds himself face to face with the visible world as though with something daunting. In the creation of art, man engages in a struggle with nature not for his physical survival but for his mental existence. So that, one can claim, that art is the instrument of human consciousness. If this notion is correct one can at once see how — Surekha Sadana — is trying to get a grip on the days self-contradicting actualities and where … Read More


Spiritual quest has always been the governing force of Indian culture, its core thought, and ruling passion. Art practice, at its best, is associate to meditation, a process of self-appraisal and distancing from worldly preoccupants, even as thought and vocabulary shape up over time. Surekha Sadana paints in order to explore her growth and inferences from meditation. Even as she determines form and structure, the practice comes as a departure from the mundane, a transport to enlightenment, … Read More