Wellbeing Wheel

The wellbeing wheel is a fantastic tool to understand how balanced your life is at this moment.⚖️
Let’s PLAY A GAME and see where are we standing at the physical, mental, spiritual, emotional well being.

❤️Take a screenshot/print out of this tool.
❤️Make a dot on each element, on a scale from 0-10 ( 10 being the most ideal)

Ask yourself, How balanced this area of your life is?
Just follow your gut, don’t think or analyze too much.

For example, if you have a deep sleep for an average of 7-8 hours every day and wake up fresh, please make a dot around 10.
If you are not staying active/exercising /not going to your yoga/dance class for a few months, place a dot near 0.

❤️ Join the DOTS……..
You will get a beautiful WEB; this is your current life status/ your balance.

It’s a FUN way to know about YOURSELF & YOUR LIFE.
❤️ You will get to know what is out of balance & where to put your energies/ what needs your attention.☹️
You will get to know what is working WELL too. ?

Wellbeing WheelLet’s focus on your strengths & goals and work on the elements which are out of balance.

✳️ You can make two lists & write down the action plan in front of each element.?
0-5 What areas of your life you need to work
5-10 What is already working well?

How will you start working on the elements, which need your attention?
Once you have the list, ask yourself these questions.
*What I have ample in my life?
*What I need more to live happy& healthy?
*What I need less in my life
*Who can help me to achieve this?
* How much time I need to do it?
*How will I keep myself inspired?
✳️ Repeat the WHEEL GAME after a month/ 15 days.
How does your wellbeing WHEEL look?❤️