The energy of Heaven meets & merges with the energy of the Earth in this season.

-“Huang Di Nei Jing” ( Yellow Emperor)

Let’s know more about the summer energetics & how to keep ourselves COOL. 

Summer is a PITTA  time, so that means a good time to eat RAW,
drink green smoothies, & eat fresh fruits & sales, especially for those with VATA body type.

Just be careful not to disturb the digestive fire with too much cold/frozen food.?

To VATA body type, most spices will support the Agni (digestive fire). Please avoid intensely spicy dishes.
A Vata person might face dry, itchy skin conditions like eczema or dry coughs in this season.

⭐️Pitta body types are those most affected by the summer season.
When their pitta imbalances, they experience hot conditions like heartburn, high blood pressure, fevers, acne, & skin rashes.

Light & cooling, hydrating food is very good for this body type.

Coconut water, green smoothies, raw green salads with avocado, fresh juice, aloe vera, coconut yogurt/kefir.

Soaked gond katira (Tragacanth gum)all help in balancing the heat in the body.
Use lots of cooling spices & garnishes like fennel, coriander, cilantro, lime, &  shredded coconut.

Practice sheetali pranayama to cool down yourself.

Practice  janu shirshasana (head to knee pose) or utthita parshvakonasana (side angle pose)
both will dissolve the internal heat.

Applying coconut oil 30-60 minutes before the bath on the face & the body to cool down your skin.

Mindful deep & slow breathing throughout the day is helpful to keep you calm & cool.

⭐️For KAPHA BODY TYPE summer season can be very balancing,
they benefit from hot & dry environments, feel more energetic.

Be careful as  Kapha is constitutionally cool & damp,
so they may struggle with intense heat & find it uncomfortable, even if it’s good for them!

What is your body type?

⭐️ Stay tuned to learn how to make this season the best season with SUMMER FOOD recipes,  LIFESTYLE changes.