Surekha is one amongst the most spiritually inclined artists from within the art fraternity, and this is reflected in her art which is infused with her understanding of  theology and spirituality. Her early works were representational, dominated by the Buddha, dervishes and such. In her new series, she chooses to express inner substance over external materialistic manifestation.

Through the series, aptly titled “SPIRITUAL ELEVATION”, Surekha seeks to convey the essence of the enthralling relationship between the microcosm and the macrocosm in symbolic terms. She finds her way through the complicated web of the correlation between the point, circle and the triangle, and then simplifies it to geometric patterns. The multi-petalled lotus, that forms a vital element of Tantrik art, finds a prominent depiction in her works. The disseminating energy field around the central image appears to be emerging from within the yantra and this elevates the artwork in aesthetic and spiritual terms.

Surekha Sadana’s works are replete with the brilliant purples, stark saffron, sunshine yellows and azure hues all of which have a deeply resonating impact on the viewer. Each work entails a close understanding of the Universe and creates a cosmic link between the viewer and what she is attempting to express. Her paintings have simplicity and limited form, though full of meaning and explored by inner feelings and a fertile imagination.

From within the cacophony and humdrum of our daily grind, Surekha attempts to provide respite for our restless souls. Each canvas invokes a deep sense of oneness and tranquility with all that is, and provide spiritual solace.

“SPIRITUAL ELEVATION” is the artist’s attempt to present a coherent world of vital images, born out of her heightened awareness.

Renu Rana is the Director of Art Inc. a Delhi based art consultancy & gallery, and Editor of Creative Mind magazine.