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You are Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin of Colours

19 May, 2015

Of all the displays at the New York Expo, your contemplative and intimate works of art stood as luminous jewels. So nice to meet you- sorry we missed saying goodbye. Wishing you all good things and continued success, Lisa

Lisa Donovan
07 Apr, 2014

hi, I like almost all your works, good works. The "Awakening" series is very special.

23 Sep, 2013

How does one order one of your paintings? Please let me know asap

Abhishek Jain
15 Nov, 2012

Can i have your email address to place any order to buy any of your art?

15 Sep, 2012

sukekha ji , all ur works are beautiful but awakening is mind blowing . its peaceful works u have done .wish u all the best for ur exhibitions.

anumeha jain
18 Aug, 2012

All paintings are very nice and eminent. Grt work....

Sachin Kumar
02 Feb, 2012

hi surekha your art transports me to another beautiful world.intense thought process and a wonderful art.look forward to see more of your amazing work.

26 Sep, 2011

great work, would love if you have reproductions for sale!

18 Sep, 2011

All the paintings are really good.

08 Sep, 2011

visited the site for the first time...not well versed with art though...but must admit all the paintings i have seen on the website are so eternal and pure...really like your work...

Mohit Bansal
17 Feb, 2011

Great Work, seems lots of hardwork in each painting.

Parveen Singla
16 Feb, 2011

Surekha, your work is actualiastion nice thoughts that you may be having.... Really thought provoking. Keep it up.

28 Feb, 2010

Dear Surekha,its me Samir,saw your paintings they r realy nice.I didt know that you so talented. I am proud of u n wish u good luck. Best regards.

Samir Khurana
08 Dec, 2009

Your website is looking great and your works are simply awsome! I love the soothing calmness they emit.

Poonam Thapa
03 Dec, 2009

Went through your website. The paintings are amazing. They have a themes of consciousness and liberation. All the paintings are really good. For me 'Devotion' and 'The Drawing Power Oil on Canvas' stood out. I appreciate your humility in accepting t

01 Nov, 2009

Infinite is beautiful!

05 Sep, 2009

Mind blowing paintings surekha! love nina

05 Sep, 2009

Loved your paintings! fantastic work!

05 Sep, 2009

Owsome work!!!

01 Aug, 2009

Seen many art galleries n shows some were hard to understand n some never expressed their titles your work really speaks really soothingly beautiful stops one in its tracks keep it up eagerly waiting for your next work

Rajeev Talwar
29 Jan, 2009

Very good site! I like it! Thanks!

25 Dec, 2008

Expressive,serene and bright works. I like your manner of execution

Sarswathi karkare
04 Dec, 2008

Absolutely Beautiful work!!! Coming from the soul....specially liked "Drawing Power" and "oneness". It touches on 2 very core subjects..."spirituality" and "Philosophy".... Keep it up.... Sonal

Sonal Thakur
03 Dec, 2008

Hi saw your work and felt great about all of them specialy THE BACK OF BEYOND. Keep giving us beutiful works like these.All the best

Sathya Sarin
03 Dec, 2008

Great work with perfect colour balancing and thought provoking subjects.

07 Nov, 2008

One can just keep on looking at them. They say so much! You are quite successful in putting your exact thoughts on the canvas. You make me proud. All the best.

Nidhi Kawatra
06 Nov, 2008

I have never seen your creations before. But I must say that they show promise.ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR SHOW.

Surinder Kalia
05 Nov, 2008

I have always admired your paintings....and this collection too is awesome.It would be apt to say,one who dreams can achieve it.Let success keep pace with you.

Aarti Gandhi
05 Nov, 2008

Your art and thoughts both have inspired me in a lot of ways. A true mentor for me. Wishing u all the success n happiness in life

Sonal Agarwal
04 Nov, 2008

Great job! All the very best

Jasleen Kaur
04 Nov, 2008

I am visit your sites nice images, sending you invitation to join bCA Galleries, nice images for international web exhibition, reply me if you interested.

02 Nov, 2008

Tuches the heart.they digs thougts

30 Oct, 2008

I have always loved her work but this collection is particularly thought provoking yet beautiful

Anupama Khurana
28 Oct, 2008

I am amazed to see such divine and marvelous pieces of art, best of luck for ur forthcoming

24 Oct, 2008

The way she has touched different subjects and in such perfection really shows her brilliant artistic skills.... im truly amazed

Suchitra Sen
21 Oct, 2008

Soothing colours and beautiful work of my choice, good luck for your show

Sangeeta K Murthy
13 Oct, 2008

Excellent work with spritual feel.

30 Sep, 2008
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