“If you love yourself, you love others.
If you hate yourself, you hate others
because in relationship with others,
the other is nothing but a mirror.”

Spirituality is a certain way of being; it’s not a PRACTICE.
Traveling within ourselves is spirituality.?

All the diseases & problems that human being are suffering today is because we have lost the awareness of how to be in sync with the UNIVERSE.

By fixing the outside, you can not improve life; you have to fix the inside to live with happiness & exuberance.
The practice of YOGA, BREATH-WORK, and MEDITATION brings you in rhythm with life.


For a week, start your day differently.☀️
❤️Wake up & write anything in a notebook (a morning journal) before starting any other activity
(You can even write, I don’t know what to write/ whatever).
❤️Finish your washroom duties.
❤️Set up an alarm, sit in silence with closed eyes for 10 minutes, watch the breath.⏰

Sit straight cross-legged/ on a chair, in a quiet room.
Eyes closed (wear an eye mask if its difficult to keep eyes closed)

Place one hand softly on the belly button, INHALE through the nostril, the stomach will COME OUT.
EXALE – breath goes out through the nostril, and stomach goes IN.

Every time try to breathe deeper and slower.
Repeat ten times.
Once done, sit in silence and observe the changes in your brain, body & entire being.?

During the day, if you remember this technique, focus on breath & try to follow the rhythm for a few breaths.

❤️Follow this for a few days, and you will see the difference in your mindset & well being.

Spirituality is a spiritual personality; it’s not an hour of meditation/breath-work.
When you interact with the personality of peace, love & purity, you are practicing SPIRITUALITY.
You have to practice this every moment, not for a few hours or a few days.✨

Sense of 100% involvement with every aspect of life is spirituality, look at the tree/ look at the flower/ look at your dog, once you are involved in every aspect of life, there is no need to learn anything else.