“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”
― Hippocrates

The moment you consume your food, it becomes YOU.
The type of food you are eating, govern your health.

Make a habit to eat consciously, EARN your food.
Intake of calories should be according to your physical activity.

❤️Touch your food
❤️Look and appreciate your food
❤️Pray and pay respect to the farmers for growing the food & the person who has cooked it for you.
❤️Consume your food with gratitude
❤️Eat little less then your hunger

“Health requires healthy food.”
– Roger Williams

What is right food for you?
Experiment your food, after eating the food you should feel ALIVE, ACTIVE AND ALERT.
( without the stimulants off course)
If your food is giving you laziness/ tiredness, that food is not right for you.

Any correction/purification/healing happen in the body when your body is hungry.

All of us has cancer cells in us. but once they gang up together against you, you call it CANCER!
When we give a sufficient break between one to another meal, those cancer cells die out of hunger.

Our body function’s best when we are some what hungry, we just have to train ourselves.

I eat two meals a day and follow intermittent fasting.
How many meals you eat everyday?