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Faq Skin Hair Fall Issues

Regular exercise is key to a healthy lifestyle but
️Pushing your body too hard creates STRESS conditions.
Your body goes into SYMPTHETIC MODE
leading your system to behave as though it’s
️Whenever the body senses that it is overly stressed/ or not at its healthy baseline,
it will terminate PRODUCTION  of what it
such as HAIR & NAILS to preserve nutrients and energy for the more VITAL ORGANS
This extreme stress disrupts your natural biorhythms and can lead to increased hair breakage/ loss.
If done in excess along with a DIET which is targeted to lose weight, it may lead to heavy hair fall.
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and start supplementing if there are deficiencies.
These are particularly important for hair health.
1-Iron (green veggies and chickpeas)
2-Vitamin D (mushrooms & sunshine )
3-Foleate  (leafy greens, lentils and flax seeds)
4- Vitamin B-12 (nutritional yeast, seaweed and tempeh)
5-Selenium (broccoli, chia seeds and flax)
️Drink  beetroot juice, which is beneficial for hair and stamina ( before / after workout
You can eat steamed beetroot as well, see what works for you.
SKINCARE routine ke liye aap neeche LINK par CLICK kijiye.
Maine pahle bhi share kiya hai detail me.
Thodi aur jaruru bate hai jin ke karan hame wrinkles jaldi aa jate hai.
Jaise ki ham agar ham gussa jyada karte hai/
ya phir bahut haste hai /
ya chid chide rahte hai
Ye sab wajah se bhi  EXPRESSION LINES pad jati hai.
Agar karan hasna hai , to koi bat nahi theek hai
baki do karno par thoda dhyan dena hai.
2- Thoda shant baithne ki koshish kare din me 1-2 bar,
chahe 10 minutes ke liye hi sahi.
(Ankho ko band karke)
Is se  chehra bhi shant ho jata hai aur dimag bhi.
3-  Bahut garm pani se muh ko nahi dhona hai
Bahu bhari dhup me bahr nahi jana hi.
Din me chahre par rose water dal 2-3 bar spray kare.
️For 21 days
Animal products
Eat fewer spices and outside food.
Try to eat more veggies & fruits.
️Maintain cleanliness-
️Wash you back with medicated body wash like Cetaphil/ Cera ve cleanser
Use the same brand’s body lotions.
️Scrub twice weekly with TRIPHALA POWDER
Keep it on the body for 2-3 minutes and wash it off with water.
You can use it every day as a body wash also.
️Must take bath after the workout / at the end of the day.
I am assuming that you are taking bath in the morning so do it twice now
You will see a significant difference in a week.
OAT meal  is best for body and face cleaning
It moisturizes, exfoliates, and cleanses the skin.
1-Take 2-3tbs of the ground oats, and add enough water to make a paste.
Gently massage the oatmeal mixture into your body, face, and neck.
You can use it every day.
2- For itchy skin/ skin scar/ diabetic person/ for normal skin-
Take 2-3tbs of organic Triphala powder and mix enough water to make a paste.
Gently apply it all over the body, face, neck, and hair( if you want to)
It has beautiful healing qualities and will care for dry and itchy skin.

Use as a body wash/scrub.

Sun exposure and inflammation both are the main reasons behind this condition.
It’s usually a cosmetic concern rather than a medical one.
Several home remedies for pigmentation can help you lighten dark patches.
1-Use my homemade face wash with licorice powder to wash the face
2-Apply vitamin C serum at night
3- Mix cucumber juice + tomato juice, and potato juice.Add a few drops of lemon juice.
Apply on the face, wash off in 10-20 minutes.
4-Exfoliate twice a week with homemade scrub.
5-Drink BEAUTY DRINK every day once.
6-Eat all colors of rainbow fruits and veggies every day.
Check your vitamins and top up with food/ supplements if low.
7-Eat all colors of rainbow fruits and veggies every day.
There are many factors at play behind the DRY SKIN CONDITION.
️1-Age -as it relates to hormone balance, especially in women.
️2-Gastrointestinal health & digestion/absorption function
associated with the consistent availability of critical nutrients.
 ️3-can be an indication of hypothyroid function.
4-Tannins are naturally dehydrating to the skin.
This includes tea, red wine, & coffee.
5-Essential omega-3s, omega-6s,  DGLA.
Please include an essential fatty acid supplement for EPA, DHA, and GLA.
(e.g., evening primrose oil or borage oil )
️6- Use non-toxic body lotion moisturizers regularly.
Everyday Shea or Alba- both brands are good.
️7-Boost trace minerals.
Of course, good hydration is vital for the skin.
It is not just about drinking sufficient clean water but also ensuring good cellular hydration via electrolyte balance.
(Add a few drops of trace minerals/kelp granules in the water)
Full thyroid panel (TSH, Free T4, Free T3, TPO and Tg antibodies, and Reverse T3)
Simply chugging ( without stopping to breathe) a giant glass of water a couple of times a day is likely going to drive much urination.
 Water in; water out.
It’s better than not drinking enough water at all.
 But sipping throughout the day allows cellular hydration – the most crucial drinking water goal.
The potential negative impact on digestion (due to stomach acid dilution – and perhaps causing acid reflux)

from chugging too much water during a meal is particularly important.

Please mix Licorice power in my HOMEMADE FACE WASH
( Get the recipe in the home remedy section).Same ratio.
Make saffron water ( soak the saffron strand in water and let it seep in for a few hrs)
Use this water to make a smooth paste.
Apply on the face and leave it on for 10-15 minutes.
Wash off, followed by toner, C serum, and moisturizer.
Hair oil:
Organic virgin olive oil, argan oil, sesame oil, or fractionated coconut oil are suitable for hair massage.
There are a few ways to use it for face:
(Brightening skin and reducing the scars)
1-You can mix Licorice powder in my everyday face wash in the same ratio.
Mix with rose water
2-2tbs of Licorice powder+ few drops of lemon juice / 1/2tsp of dried orange peel powder
Mix with rose water.
Apply and wait for 10-20 minutes for good results.
If you feel its drying quickly,  add flax gel/ aloe vera pulp( store-bought) to it
Use 2-3 times every week.
Followed by toning, serum and moisturizer
After waking up
️1-Spray organic food grade rose water on your face.
Spray again – it wakes you up & your skin.
️2-Massage with few drops of jojoba oil
Let it be for 30 min or till you get shower.
️3- Use my face wash powder to wash you face.
️4- Use rose water or choice of toner
️5- Aplly vitamin C serum
️6- wait for 1-2 minutes & apply hyderateing moisturiser
️7- If going out apply Sun screen gel.
At night
️Follow all the step,
(Cleaning & Toning )
only SERUM should be as per your Target/ age.
YES, there is an interconnectedness.
Along with food, there are a few other aspects that can contribute in calm, bright and great looking skin.
( hormonal,Mental-emotional /physical stress)
️Gut health (digestion & absorption )
️Activity  (exercise and yoga)
️Calmness ( meditation, passion, creativity)
Relaxed, mindful eating hygiene can improve the digestion & absorption of nutrients from the food, which in turn gives us good health & great skin.
Please click the link to get a Homemade face wash.
Mix this face wash in rose water.
Apply on your face and wash off in 5 minutes without rubbing.
Exfoliate your skin 1-2 times every week.
Take 1tbs of tomato juice + 1tbs of cucumber juice+ 2-3 drops of lemon juice.
Apply it on your skin for 15-20 minutes.
Wash off with water apply rose water and followed by Vitamin C serum and light moisturizer.
You will see a difference in a couple of weeks.
Let’s dive in and understand
How to handle HAIR FALL-
There is NO SUBSTITUTE  for a healthy diet & a healthy mind.
For any problem first & far most is to check,
what you are putting in your MOUTH & HEAD/MIND.
There are many potential drivers for hair loss
but the most common are
1-vitamin B12
(1000 mcg of methylcobalamin)
( 30mg -1 tablet every day )
(Vitamin C is important for the absorption of IRON)
4-Biotin ( B7/ Vitamin H)
5-Essential fatty acids
Omega -3 -1000mg
( algal oil) EPA and DHA minimum 800-1000 in total.
(2 capsules every day after the meal.)
6- Vitamin D
(1000mg every day with food)
️Variety is vital in Food -( Organic is best)
Oats- good for hair color & growth.
Nuts-almond, Brazil & walnut ( soaked) ( MAX 10 PER DAY)
Vitamin E and omega -3
Seeds- pumpkin & flax omega-3 (3-4 TBS )
Biotin rich food- White mushroom, spinach, carrot, apple, lettuce, potato, tomato, unpolished rice, and oat flacks
Bean sprouts- silica, very important for the absorption of vitamin & mineral
Blueberry, kiwi, Guava-Vit-C
Spinach/kale-Iron and Vit-A
Sweet potato
Avocado -Omega -3
Bell pepper
Organic Soya beans/tofu
Dairy-free yogurt
1- Onion juice –
Apply for 30 minutes & wash off 1-2 times a week
2- Aloe Vera gel ( check in home remedies)
3- Flax gel – (check in home remedies)
4- Oat milk- Blend rolled oats. Wash your scalp.
Please STOP chemical-based shampoo immediately.
Use herbal shampoo
In India KAMA & first essential sells very good hair products.
Hormonal shifts and imbalances are another common root cause of hair loss.
1-Hypothyroidism –
Hypothyroidism is a common cause of hair loss. Check a full thyroid panel (TSH, Free T4, Free T3, Reverse T3, TPO, and TG antibodies).
2-Insulin resistance
in females can contribute to androgen hormone excess
3-Postpartum hormonal shifts
such as heavy metals
Significant hair loss can occur 3-4 months after a major stressor
(e.g. trauma, surgery, pregnancy, serious illness, major life event).
6-Autoimmune diseases
7-Infections of the skin or hair follicles
No worries, please stop the serum which you are using currently.
Now for few days, switch to mild medicated face wash and medicated gel-like Cetaphil/bioderma
Then you can try another brand for the serum.
Stop heat-producing food ingredients( nuts, seeds, dates, spices) and sugar,
caffeine for few days, the itching will subside in a day or two.
Take care
Most of the time, dandruff can be a reason behind this.
Wash your combs, pillow cover, blanket, sheets, etc.
Treat dandruff – apply a mixture of 1tbs fractionated coconut oil +4-5drop of clove oil +1tbs of aloe vera. Mix well; it will look like a serum, lay on the scalp.
Wash off in 1-2 hrs with a mild shampoo.
Wash your face with medicated face wash like Cetaphil.
Apply BioDerma Cicabio Arnica+ gel on your face.
You will be fine in 2-3 days.

As per TCM, chin acne indicates an imbalance in the kidney, which regulates reproduction. Irregular periods, PCOS, ovarian function all govern by the kidneys, so this breakout could indicate hormonal health- or be an indication that your period is on the way. Try to stop dairy & animal products for a month and see how they work for you.

Mix 2-3 tbs juice of each

Cucumber, Tomato, and Potato

add few drops of lemon juice. Store in the fridge will remain fresh for a week or more/ freeze and makes cubes. Apply it 1-3 times a day.

Wash your face with natural face wash. Get the recipe from My website`s home remedy section. Every day massage your face with organic coconut oil in the morning and wash after 15  minutes with this face wash. Use natural/ herbal vitamin C-based serum for additional support.

Check your Iron and Protein intake.

Get the protein powder recipe in the Home Remedy section.

Start eating one pomegranate every day. Sprinkle finely chopped mint leaves/ mint powder, salt & pepper+ lemon juice over it.

*Eat one steamed beetroot with skin, every day. Sprinkle salt & pepper+ lemon juice.

Vitamin C is essential for better absorption of iron.

Eat a green Chutney made with mint leaves, coriander, curry leaves, tulsi leaves+ lemon juice, salt & green chilly.

Add 1tbs of soaked melon seeds/ 1-2 soaked cashews. Blend everything with water.

Eat this chutney in all three meals every day.

Eat green leafy veggies and lentils and sprouts etc.

Top up your Vitamin D and B-12 if you are low.

Body scrub- Mix an equal amount of oat powder, almond powder. Mix yogurt in it, add little olive oil. Mix well with water/rose water. Gently rub in a circular motion, wash off with warm water.

You can use herbal body lotion or a mix of aloe vera juice+ fractionated coconut oil all over the body.

If you are in a rush, just add water and rolled oats in a blender, make a coarse paste (oat milk) Apply, and rub it on the entire body, face, you can apply on hair as well and wash off with water to get a silky smooth body

A healthy and balanced diet with fruits and veggies is important along with exercise and yoga. Exercise gives you beautiful afterglow due to blood circulation.

Exfoliate your face with almond powder and oats powder once a week.

Eat one steamed beetroot with a squeeze of lemon juice+salt & pepper once every day.

1 pomegranate+1 tsp of mint + a squeeze of lemon juice + salt & pepper every day

Eat carrots, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin every day.

Stress, eating junk food, lack of sleep, lack of essential nutrition, and lack of supplementation can be the reason behind graying.

Massage with warm coconut oil once a week, you can use a paste of henna+amla powder +black tea for covering the gray hair.

Adding dry sage leaves can also enhance rich color.

There are pre-mix herbal colors are in the market from herbal brands like Kama and Indus valley.

Root touch is an easy solution for busy working women. Start working on eating right food and living a stress free life.

No, it is safe as it can irritate the skin. Please avoid using fresh Aloe vera application directly on the face.

I am sorry this question is not complete. If you are facing acne or rosacea condition,

in that case stopping dairy and all animal other products for 21 days can give you positive results.

Once you finish 3 weeks you can see and decide if you want to continue with this lifestyle or not.

Itchy skin can be a side effect of taking certain medicines/ seasonal allergy/ food allergies/ iron deficiency etc.

Stop heat-producing foods for a week like dates, nuts, and seeds, spices, tea, and coffee.

Eat very light khichdi and drink a lot of coconut water and seasonal fruits and salads etc.

I don’t want to scare you but sometimes an itchy face can indicate an internal condition, such as liver disease, typhoid conditions, or multiple sclerosis.

It`s not about what you eat; it is essential to check how much your body is absorbing!

How much activity are you doing in your daily life?

Your GUT health can play an essential role in hair fall as well.

Please check in last week`s FAQ-2 in the highlights/ FAQ section of my website(, as I have answered in detail.

In Diet- check your protein (recipe on my page) and Iron intake from fruits and veggies.

Vitamin D,B-12 and Hb tests are important to know the actual condition.

Start combing your head with a marble/ wood comb twice daily.

Acne before periods and a clear skin just before your periods starts, the production of progesterons falls and estrogen(female sex harmones) levels rise.

As a result, oil glands secret more sebum which clogs pores and breakouts.

1- Wash face with mild soap and apply tea tree oil directly on the spot, not all over the face

You can use home made face wash to clear the skin. (Get the details in home remedies section at my website)

2- Eat light and drink warm herbal tea.

Please Checkin last week`s FAQ-2/FAQ section on my website, as I have answered  in detail.

Check your Protein and Iron intake.

Take a blood test of Vitamin D,B-12, nad Hb, and then workout the supplements.

Start combing your head with a marble/ wood comb twice daily.

There are various reasons behind acne:

  • Summer heat
  • Before periods
  • Stress & anger
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Dairy & Animal products
  • Refined sugar, coffee & Spicy foods

Please try to stop above mentioned for 21 days. In general, the cause behind acne is hormonal havoc in our body, due to this, glands secrete more sebum which clogs pores & breakouts.

  1. Wash face with mild soap & apply tea tree oil directly on the spot(not all over the face)

YES, with a check on your protein and iron intake, you can get healthy hair growth at 50 as well.

  • 1 Pomegranate & 1 steamed beetroot everyday- Always sprinkle few drops of lemon juice, a pinch of Himalayan salt, black pepper & finely chopped mint leaves
  • Vitamin C is imp for iron absorption- Start 1 awla powder capsule revert day an empty stomach
  • Eat soaked beans, nuts (10 max) & seeds
  • Start Zinc picolinate 30gm supplement- 1 every day before breakfast
  • Check your Vitamin D

Acne is due to both:

  • To balance the heat (PITTA) in the body eat 1-2 tbs of soaked gond katira(Tragacanth gum)
  • Mix a lot of water/juice/smoothie/blended fruits etc
  • Just before your period starts, the production of progesterone falls & estrogen levels rise- As a result, oil glands secrete more sebum which clogs pores & breakouts
  • Wash face with mild soap & apply tea tree oil directly on the spot (not all over the face)

It’s not a serious concern, but there is a name for this condition: Acanthosis Nigricians, commonly called (AN by skin specialists)

  • Stop shaving, waxing and remove the underarm hair by laser specialist doctor (Not in salon)
  • Its permanent & safe solution, you’ll see difference in the underarm colour in a year or often the completion of laser treatment
  • Please stop applying chemical-based perfumes, deodorants & switch to herbal base natural products

In the morning after cleaning your face, massage with coconut oil, leave for an hour.

Wash your face every day with homemade face wash. Take the recipe from my website(Home remedies section).

Apply natural/ herbal serum and Sunscreen.

Eat, steamed beetroot, pomegranate orange, green least vegetables everyday.

Think positive and stay happy. Eat plant-based protein powder

The most common nutrients deficiencies are vitamins; 12 and zinc and iron (HB), Omega -3 in case you are having hair fall issues.

Watch your gut health especially whatever you are eating is your body is absorbing properly or not? Please take a blood test start the supplement if low.

Please skin and hair FAQ on my website (, as I have answered in detail.

In diet – start eating protein (recipe on my page) 2 tbs every day after the workout iron intake from fruits and veggies.

Eat green chutney in every meal.

Vitamin D, B-12 & jb tests are important to know the actual condition.

Start combing your head gua sha Chinese marble comb twice daily.

In the morning and before going to the bed, it increases the blood circulation

I suddenly see dark patches on my face chin and neck.

How much is your sun exposure? As the sun can be the cause of the production of too much melanin, causing dark patches of skin.

Hormonal imbalance and inflammation in the body can be another reason for melasma.

how can we handle it? Take 2 tablets of natural factors, DGL, deglycyrrhizinated licorice Root extract every day.

Eat alwa powder 2 capsules buy organic India of an empty stomach

Apply vitamin C serum before moisturizer.

if it is impacting on you mood emotions then you can take help from skin specialist microdermabrasion is a very effective treatment to cure it

Please Stop dairy and animal products for three week.

You will see instant result. Apply good quality sunscreen when stepping out. stress can be a reason too. check your iron and b12 and vitamin d supplement with low start Omega 3(vegan) with minimum 500 my DHA and EPA in total

Do you have any diabetes history in the family? Sometimes it an indication sign of diabetes.

Otherwise try to use homemade face was a recipe in the home remedies section of my website. Apply cucumber + Lemon few drop juice on the affected area. wash off and 30 minutes and apply a lie  vera gel

Since when have you face this condition (months/ years)

  • To cure this condition apply a mixture of 1tbs aloe vera+1tbd fractionated coconut oil +5-7 drops of tea tree oil 3 time’s daily
  • Take magnesium citrate 30 minutes before going to bed every day. It will relax the mind and give you peaceful sleep.
  • Chirata water Mix 1-2 gm of chirata powder in 2 cups of water, boil till it reduces to 1 cup. Strain and drink – once daily. (3 months)
  • Take a milk thistle tablet daily to detox the liver. (3 months)
  • Start probiotic twice daily 1 hour before the meal. Look for a vegan option with 50 million 14-16 strain. 6-stop animal products and dairy, and sugar for one month

In the morning after cleaning your face, massage with coconut/almond oil, and massage with GUA SHA TOOLS. leave the oil for an hour.

Wash your face with homemade face wash.

Get the recipe from my website (Go to the recipes, then click Home remedies). Apply natural/ herbal serum/Natural vitamin C followed by moisturizer and Sunscreen.

Eat, steamed beetroot, pomegranate, orange, green leafy veggies & fermented pickles every day. Think positive & stay happy. Eat plant-based protein powder daily after the workout. Meditation and breathing exercises o help

Apply a mixture of cucumber juice+ potato juice + tomato juice + few drops of lemon juice.

Store in the fridge, stay fresh for a week. you can freeze into cubes and apply when needed.

Soak saffron strands in the water (in the fridge) Add this water to face wash/ face pack or mix in aloe Vara, apply as a moisturizer stay away from sunlight.

Massage face with almond oil every morning & night, followed by face wash homemade/ herbal.use vitamin C serum herbal brand.

Eat steamed beetroot and pomegranate and all colored fruits & veggies.

Top up vitamin c either with supplements or with fresh fruits and veggies.

Basically, on the area where we apply rouge.

No worries

How much is your sun exposure? Do you apply sunscreen?

You can start using a vitamin C serum Brand like St. Botanica vitamin C 20%, vitamin E and hyaluronic acid facial serum( available in India), Or body shop Or khadi global vitamin C serum Apply every day, after cleaning and toning your face. Eat vitamin c (amla powder 1tsp every day) on an empty stomach for 3 months Vitamin E 15mg for r a month-1 daily

Check iron deficiency and supplement accordingly

Drink a glass of juice of beetroot+carrot+tomato + lemon juice every day in the afternoon

Apply clay mask twice a week

Do you have a dandruff problem? if yes you need to treat this condition first.

You can either use an anti-fungal shampoo or try mixing 1/4 cup of fresh aloe Vera gel +10-12 drops tea tree oil +2tbs.coconut oil.

Apply all over the scalp and hair. Walt for 3-4 hours. Wash off with valid shampoo.

II NO dandruff then you need to consult a skin specialist as they will take the signed sample.

You might need anti-fungal medication also to cure this condition. Apply ice Vera gel( store) on the

affected area for soothing relief Keep it clean with a mild medicated face wash le Cetaphil

Please swipe back and start the supplement which I have suggested in the post.

How is your sleep? Due to lack of sleep, we face a lot of health issues at this age. Make sure you are sleeping around 10 pm and waking around sunrise.

Take magnesium citrate supplement 250 mg 30 minutes before going to bed, if not getting sound / relaxing sleep.

Staying Happy and Positive is very important for good skin,

Exercise, yoga, pranayama, and meditate every day to get calm skin & a natural radiance on your face.

I will appreciate it if you please check the last week’s FAQ in the highlight section on my page.

Or visit my website Click FAQ-look for skin and hair FAQ You will get the answer

Yes, stress plays a vital role in hair fall conditions.

It can be work stress, relationship, chronic illness, and emotional turmoil! Everything can contribute to the hair fall condition. Please read the dedicated posts ON HAIR FALL AT

MY PAGE I am going to post it today/within 1-2 days it will be helpful to understand. Stay happy

Try to spare some time every day for pranayama breath work )and meditation.

It works on all levels of well being





Stop shaving, waxing & remove the underarm hair by laser specialist doctor (Not in salon) Its a permanent & safe solution, you’ll see the difference in the underarm color in a year or often the completion of laser treatment

Please stop applying chemical-based perfumes, deodorants & switch to herbal base natural products

Apply cucumber + potato juice +few drops of lemon juice. Apply the juice to your underarms… wash off in 10-15 minutes and apply aloe vera gel. Gently scrub the armpits twice a week with a mixture of orange peel powder+ rose water. wash odd in 10-15 minutes.

Apply coconut oil instead of moisturizer. Use alum stick (fitkari) as a deo.

Stop dairy – all forms
Stop sugar – all refined forms
Eat only natural form like fruits, sweets potatoes, soaked dates & raisins
Stop chocolate once for few days
Although cocoa/cacao is not the reason, sugar and milk are the culprits.
You make it at home with cacao powder and natural sugar substitute if
you wish to eat.
Ear high fiber whole plant-based food, like vegetables, salad, whole
Drink coconut water and vegetables juice regularly for a few days.
Start omega-3 supplement (plant based) with good EPA& DHA (500 or
more combined)
Always eat soaked nuts and seeds, as they can cause heat in the body.
No more than 10 nuts abd 1-3tbs of seeds in a day.

Stop oil foods once did few days.
Apply tea tree oil on the spots directly after washing with the mild face
Use home made face wash, it’s very effective in acne treatment (get the
link to the recipe in the BIO)

Please take care of the pimple when they burst, wash them well
with the mild medicated face wash like Cetaphil.
Never touch them without washing your hands.
Apply organic aloe vera gel (store-bought)
Be careful while under the sun/ avoid sun exposure.
If the itch is more, apply any calming lotion-like Lacto calamine.
*For whiteheads, exfoliate the face and nose twice a week with herbal/
homemade scrub.
(Use a mix of oats + almond powder)
*Use witch hazel as a toner after cleansing the face and nose area.
Wet cotton ball with it & use it twice per day.

Keeping your skin clean is most important.
Use home made face wash, get the link in bio.
Use it twice, do not rub, gently apply and wash off in 2-5 minutes.
*clays are your best friends like bentonite, French red clay, use them as
a face mask twice a week.
*Oats powder, mix in hot water massage with this and wash off in 2-3
Use which Hazel as a toner every day after cleaning.
Apply slie vera as a mosturiser.
Exfoliate with almond+ oat powder once a week.

YOUR HAIR IS A DIRECT REFLECTION OF YOUR HEALTH. Condition of our hair depends open
various factors.
Stress, Unhealthy diet, Genetics, lifestyle.
How happy you are?
How you breath?
How fearful & tired you are?
Are you On contraceptive pills?
How much you are moving ?
No vitamin can help you if you do not figure out the roots cause of hair health.
Regular yoga/qigong/ tapping all over the body and hair is important
Our organs are working really hard every day, Excess heat is the main cause of hair fall.
release the heat from the body to resolve this issue.
Damp heat of the body.
SUGAR, DAIRY-creates dampness in the body, it get caught in the head.
STOP them completely.
Follow the ritual
Gently Gua Sha comb on your hair
Gua Sha comb the body
Tapping –slowly on the scalp.
QI gong/ yoga/ any exercise
Take care of iron and protein intake, lack of these tow can cause hair fall too.

Eat one steamed beetroot with skin every day. Eat one pomegranate every day.

Soaked dates, figs, nuts ( not more than 10), and seeds are very good to eat on a daily basis.
Eat green leafy vegetables & broccoli.
Vitamin C is important for iron absorption.
take first step of awla powder every morning and add lemon juice to the sad , smoothies.
Watermelon is one of the best fruit that help to increase hemoglobin due to its iron and vitamin-C
content that makes iron absorption process better and faster.
Drink vegetable juice, squeeze lemon juice.
Once your iron go up you will have less hair fall.
Read the previous post on hair fall too.

Try find out the root cause of the condition and supplements accordingly.
keep moving, eat well and sleep well.
nourish your body.
Iron and protein intake are essential for hair health.
Work on overall healthy being; hair fall will automatically get controlled.
Condition of gut health also govern the hair health.

Please wash your face with homemade face wash.
Get the recipe in the bio ( Linktree ) or in the highlight “face wash”
It’s very effective in cleaning the skin and reducing the pore size.
After cleaning & washing
Take a cotton ball, pure few drops of WITCH HAZEL, apply on your face every day, morning and
it will shrink the pores, and if you any acne issues that too get settled down
Followed by moisturizer.
Please reduce oil/fat intake; it will help too.

Generally, there is not many home
Remedies or natural cure to handle milia.
Gentle Exfoliation can help a bit.
Honestly I would recommend to consult a good skin specialist to whom you can trust.
Leave them as it is, do not think much
Sometime they clear up on their own as well.
Please do not pick or poke them; it might irritate and can cause infection!
Just leave it or visit a qualified doctor.

Try Kama dry hair colour powders, they are very good All natural!
They are Heena based
Otherwise there see fewbrsbds which see quite herbal/ natural gel based like Bio magic
Indus Valley
Aequo hair colour
Yih can try them (less harmful then the chemical-based hair colors.

Amarican painless Laser hair removal is the only permanent solution for unwanted hair.
Please take the procedure if you are above 18 and the hair on you face/ body is become a reason to
reduce your self confidence.
Then must remove them and get rid of them forever and live a happy life.
Please must take the treatment under a qualified skin specialist not in the salon.

Read my last weeks’ FAQ; I have answered a similar question.
Avoid going out in the peak sunlight 12-4 pm
Wear sunscreen.
Hyperpigmentation directly results from an increased level of a hormone in your body that results in increased melanin synthesis. Excessive sun exposure can also cause an increase in melanin.
A whole and balanced diet can be helpful; eating fresh fruits &  vegetables, especially those rich in vitamin C and flavonoids, can help reduce hyperpigmentation.
Include foods like papaya, avocado, orange, grapes, cherries, carrots, broccoli, and bell peppers in your diet.
Eat awla powder 1-2tsp every morning ng on an empty stomach.
READ the home remedies in last weeks FAQ
ACNE is most often triggered by increase PITTA in the body.
It can be due to alcohol, nuts and seeds, hot beverages, and spicy foods.
Please avoid all known triggers completely, and focus on identifying and working on resolving the root causes.
*STOP sugars/sweeteners, gluten, dairy, animal products, alcohol, and all flours (any form)
*I recommend about 10-15mg of zinc twice daily with food for 2-3 months.
*Start b- complex supplements.
*Digestive enzymes for better digestion.
*Eat  lots of vegetables, eat khichdi for 3-4 days in both meals, it will clean the system
Take 2tbs of each ( POTATO JUICE + CUCUMBER JUICE + TOMATO JUICE + mix 4-5 drops of Lemon juice.
Pour in a bottle, store in the fridge.
Spray/apply on the face, once daily leave on for 10-15 minutes. Wash off, apply moisturizer.
*Apply mashed papaya masked 2-3 times a week.
*Please get the recipe of homemade face wash in the highlight ” face wash.”
*Wash your face with it every day. Scrub your face once every week( recipe is there)
*Apply vitamin C serum every day, followed by moisturizer and sunscreen.
*Eat 1tsp of Awla powder/2 amlaki capsules every day on an empty stomach.
*Drink beauty drink/eat 1 steamed beetroot every day( recipe in my reels)
This shows you have excess pitta in your body.
You must have eaten something wrong like unsoaked nuts & seeds, too much oily, spicy food, excess coffee/ tea, or too much alcohol.
Please start a very light diet ( no spice or minimum spices)
Drink coconut water 3-4 times a day if possible for 2-3 days in between morning to 4 PM)
Eat gond katira 1-3tbs everyday mix in coconut water/ water/ juice.
Stay calm and wear a light cotton cloth.
Drink mint /rose/fennel tea 1-2 times daily.
You will be fine in a week.
Stop raw food entirely for three weeks and see how it works for you.
Introduce healthy fat like nut/ coconut butter, olive oil, avocado, soaked nuts, and seeds.
Clean your gut from Sugar, gluten and stop dairy and animal products.
Please read about the elimination diet
They are most common and harmless other than the beauty concern.
It can be due to an interaction of genetic factors or sun damage in most cases.
You can get them removed under the supervision of a skin specialist( dermatologist),
but they can come back in a few years.
Sorry, there is no home remedy that works, in my opinion
What we can do to handle the situation
1- Avoid SUN rays as much as possible.
Apply sunscreen, cover your face and avoid 12-4 pm SUNLIGHT
2-They grow with age.
3–Don’t worry and start IGNORING them, DO NOT think about them.
They will disappear someday if you STOP thinking about them.
Massage the face with coconut oil, Jojoba oil, almond oil every morning/ evening, wipe with wet cotton after 30 minutes.
Spray herbal toner, apply vitamin c serum
Followed by natural/ organic anti-aging creme.
Use homemade face wash every day and exfoliate twice a week.

Click the link to get the recipe.

Yes, gond katira is very good for the skin as it contains soluble fiber that detoxifies the system.
It is an anti-aging remedy for the skin,
which helps to improve skin tone, skin quality, reducing wrinkles,
and improving elasticity.
Ear every day ( 1-2tbs soaked), mix in water/ rose water/ coconut water.

Please stop dairy and all types of animal products for three weeks.

I am sure you will get results in your health and acne. Stop eating sugar and junk food, cola, fried food entirely for three weeks.

Eat clean, homemade light food.

Apply tea tree oil on spot to reduce pimple.

Use Homemade face wash; it is very effective in deep cleaning the everyday dirt and oil from the skin (Get it from my website`s home remedies section)

Acne can be due to various reasons in a teenage boy. Hormonal imbalances, food sensitivities, nutrient deficiencies, stress, gut dysbiosis, and toxins.

If Possible Stop Dairy & Animal products from today itself.

How are his Bowel movements?

Supplement with Vitamin A  and Zinc, either with food or from medicine.

Please give him a zinc supplement(15 mg twice daily)

Start 50 million probiotic(minimum 14-16 strains daily probiotic, also apply topical for the face)

Cause of bags under the eyes

Due to age the skin becomes weak and sag, so when it relaxes it makes a pouch. The fat pads located under the eyes slips down to fill the space.

Excess fluid in the body can also accumulate here, making the lower lids look even puffier.

Home remedies

Potatoes/ Cucumber slices

For instant results-

Refrigerate raw potato/ cucumber slices for 10 minutes. Clean your eyes with plain water.

Use chilled tea bags for immediate relief.

Vitamin D and Vitamin A
both are important to supplement in your case.
1-Start 1000iu D3 everyday
2-Vitamin A – 1500mcg
Either drops/ capsules
3-Omega 3 vegan algal oil -2 capsules every day
4- Apply these two oils together on the affected area.
*Manjisthadi tel by Baidyanath
*Eladi oil by Sitaram Ayurveda