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Hi, how can I cure hyperthyroidism?
I want to know a few details before suggesting you anything regarding this.
If you have a full thyroid panel, please share it with me to assess it in detail.
Only TSH on its own is not reliable for assessing this dynamic.
Please note that unaddressed hyperthyroid action can have many
highly debilitating or deadly downstream consequences,
especially in the CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM.
Take the help of an expert physician ASAP.
Are you taking medicine (tapazole)/ any other?
1-When we expose our brains at night to a full-spectrum light,  the pineal gland
secretes less melatonin which can delay or prevent sleep.
 ( TV, mobile, and computer screens).
2-If you are struggling with Chronically elevated stress/ recent significant trauma/crisis / suffering  from inflammatory disorders
then you might have  HIGH CORTISOL LEVELS l at night.
Work on your stress level, sit in silence, and calm yourself before bed.
There is no substitute for good “sleep hygiene.”
1- choose only dim-light, relaxing activities in the evening, especially the entire 1-2 hours before bedtime
e.g., warm bath, calming music, meditation.
2- Stop emails/to-do lists/orders online/ searching on the web for a couple of hours before bedtime.
You might be impairing your sleep by doing so.
3-Quiet the digestion – no food at all for three hours before bed.
4-Herbal tea (e.g., Tulsi, chamomile, valerian, passionflower)
5-Hot bath with Epsom salts.
6- 10 minutes of gratitude journaling or inspirational reading ( optional )
️Supplements –
Magnesium 250mg-400mg can be taken 30 minutes before going to bed.
️Home Remedy
Take 7-8 soaked cashew + a cup of water + 1 soaked date +1/4tsp of cardamom powder.
Blend till you get a smooth, creamy milk-like consistency.
Drink it warm just before going to bed.
STOP Dairy, animal products, and cooking oil for 3 weeks and you will be amazed to see the results.
You will start feeling better within  3-4 days.
Eat more fruits and green veggies at room temperature ( not from the fridge )
Avoid cold drinks/ milk /ice cream.
Quercetin (flavonoid)
 ( 500-1000mg twice daily at any time of the day
depending on the severity of symptoms.
SLEEP HYGIENE is extremely important.
1-NO Mobile/ TV/ next-day-planning/ stressful conversations one hour before going to bed.
2- If you have noise in the room/ home, insert soft foam ear plugs while sleeping.
3-Drink any of the herbal tea before going to bed (lavender, chamomile, passionflower)
4-NO food (2-3 hours )before bed and no caffeinated food/drink after 2 pm
(e.g. tea, coffee, soda, chocolate)
5- Take 250mg of magnesium glycinate 30 minutes before going to bed every day.
If you still can not able to sleep, you can take melatonin 30 min prior to bedtime but under the guidance of your physician.
How low is your WBC count?
Low white blood cells and Fatigue are likely symptoms of an underlying issue/ infection.
How low is your WBC count?
Please start-
A multivitamin and B complex.
Vitamin B12 and folate.
B-12, B-6, copper, and zinc.
If these nutrients are low, take supplements.
Eat balanced homemade healthy food every day, it is very important to eat fruits and veggies.
Start yoga / walking in the fresh air
Sleep for 7-78 hours, and work on your stress levels.
Try meditation and pranayama techniques to calm yourself.
How old are you?
If you are approaching Peri/pre-menopausal age, this can be one reason behind this condition.
Is there any work/ relationship / financial stress in your mind?
️I am sure you are feeling feverish due to hot flashes. It’s not a high temperature.
️Always soak the NUTS, SEEDS, dates, figs & peanuts before eating them.
️Animal & Dairy products
️Sit in meditation/ silence every day twice for 10-15 minutes; it will bring back the body’s equilibrium.
️ Wear loose cotton cloths
Eat gond katira every day.
(Take the recipe to prepare from my website/ insta page)
Drink water / infused water with mint & lemon.
️No, it’s not healthy aluminum is toxic!
At high heat, it leaches into the food It can affect the brain.
️Aluminum foil also creates the same effect when you use it for cooking/baking.
️The High-quality stainless steel pressure cooker is a better choice.
️Try cooking in unglazed clay pots if possible. Slow cooking is the best mode of cooking.
Yes, 3 times a week. If we do resistance training,
it’s perfect for gaining/increasing muscle strength.
It strengthens and tones the muscles
–which is very important as it protects our joints from injury.
It’s essential while you are aging
️1-Improved posture.
️2-Decreased risk of injury.
Please must consult a professional before starting.
HELP him in all possible ways to keep his stool soft.
anything to make his stool soft
Please add  fiber to your diet so that stool remains soft
Give him lots of organic fruits, vegetables, soaked nuts &seeds, and whole grains.
Soaked sesame seeds and hemp seeds.
Keep him hydrated,  water, vegetables juices/smoothies as per suitability
️3-Encourage him to Walk ( 30-40 minutes) every day
️4-Meditation keeps him positive and stress-free.
️5- Please ask your doctor regarding Potassium permanganate SITZ BATH.
It’s very comforting and helpful in healing.
Let’s understand
What are  Varicose veins?
This condition occurs when a person’s vein becomes swollen & enlarged.
They develop when small valves in the veins become weak.
️1-The risk increases with age, excess weight, and the number of pregnancies.
️2-Veins can also lose their elasticity (which requires collagen and bioflavonoids).
These two factors allow the blood to pool in an area causing the varicosity
The body needs the contraction of leg muscles in order to help veins overcome gravity and return blood to the heart.
So it’s important to move frequently throughout the day & take frequent breaks for those with a desk job.
️Improve the blood circulation with  stretches, Yoga, Swimming, cycling
Stretching pushes the blood which is collected in the veins.
️Keeps the legs elevated it helps in improving the  blood circulation ( heart height)
️Massage can help in blood circulation too.
️Cinnamon essential oil 8-10 drops +1tsp of coconut oil+ Apply on the affected area.
️keep moving the whole day, don’t sit for more than 30 minutes in one location.
Move so that your blood can flow towards your legs and feet.
️Water retention & constipation can aggravate the situation too.
Keep the digestive system is active and in good condition.
️*Reduce the salt & spices in your food, it will reduce water retention.
️ Eat flax seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds every day
️*Eat more high potassium food like
*Soaked almond and pistachio
*lentils & leafy vegetables
*High fiber food – leafy vegetable & whole grain.
️*Food with flavonoid – Help in shrinking the veins
1-Onion & garlic – drink raw juice of onion -2 tsp in the evening
2-Chew a piece of garlic in the morning, drink water to gulp it down.
3-Bell pepper, spinach, broccoli
Cherries, apples & blueberries
4-Cocoa/cacao powder
Vitamin C
Omega -3
Please DO NOT WORRY about it.
There are a few reasons  which can cause this condition
1- Are you using a tongue scraper/ brushing your tongue every day?
If NOT please start from now twice daily.
( use a soft brush and smooth scrapper)
It removes dead skin cells and bacteria.
2- Stains from food like black coffee, tea, or chocolate.
Start flossing your teeth, It’s helpful too.
A comprehensive stool test
combo IgG/IgA or IgG with complement food sensitivity test 
A micronutrient panel
Vitamins A, D, C and zinc.
Magnesium –
B vitamins
1-Start eating an organic diet with lots of vegetables, herbs spices, and healthy fats, like avocado & coconut.
2-STOP SUGAR  (This is key for preventing another candida overgrowth ).
3-Cutting out inflammatory, GMO, omega-6 oils, such as corn, soy, and safflower oil will help reduce inflammation as well.
1000 mg of EPA+DHA twice a day (Algal oil)
Curcumin (phytosome complex) 1000 mg twice a day.
I may not be the right person for this question but with experience, I can answer this question.
It’s not necessary to wear sport B while exercising but these are MORE comfortable and offer great support  than regular B
Especially when you do intense activities like running, cycling, or aerobic classes/ dance.
Please make sure to not wear very tight sport B, and do not wear it all day long as it’s in fashion now!
After a workout, wear your regular relaxed undergarments.
Nike, Adidas, and Lululemon all are good brands to buy Sport B.
Dairy is BAD for you!
Dairy products are not a nutritional requirement for humans.
We can get all of the nutrients for optimal health from a high-quality diet that limits or contains no dairy.
️Dairy can contribute to eczema, congestion, gas, diarrhea, & constipation.
️If you are facing any one of the above conditions.
Try 100% dairy elimination for at least four weeks to see if symptoms improve.
️There are a few main ways the body can respond negatively to dairy.
️People can have reactions to
1-lactose (milk sugar)
2- casein (milk protein – and occasionally whey)
️When the issue is lactose,
this is not an immune system reaction,
but rather the pancreas doesn’t make sufficient lactase, the enzyme that breaks down lactose.
This is lactose intolerance & symptoms are typically digestive.
️When the issue is casein,
this is typically an antibody-mediated response to that protein.
Symptoms may include things such as eczema, headaches, joint pain, congestion, mood issues, or fatigue.
As when we deliver a baby, the breast MILK is for OUR baby, imagine giving away/selling that milk!
️Similarly, Cow’s milk is intended only for baby cows—
and it’s cruel to take the milk away from the calves.
️No human should be consuming milk after they’ve been weaned from their mother’s breast.
1-Cows stay indoors -NO SUN GRAZING
They are treated like a commodity & stay indoors (factory farms)
2- Farmers inject hormones & antibiotics to get more milk and grow them to sell their meat.
3- They are artificially inseminated for getting pregnant (raped by humans)
4- There is NO CONNECTION and LOVE left  between animal & human
5- COW MILK is a cocktail of HORMONES, CHEMICAL, EMOTIONAL  STRESS & PUS from Cow’s udder
( which are soft, and are not meant for machines )
Please go to general health in the FAQ Type- ARTHRITIS
It will give you information about your condition.
According to Ayurveda, joint pains occur due to the imbalance in the Vata in our body. It can cause circulation problems.
1-Apply a few drops of organic black sesame oil on the joints, knee, and elbow 3 times a day. It balances the vata dosha. You can apply a few drops in the head too.
2- Soak 2tbs of sesame seeds in water for 5-6 hrs, chew/ blend.
Excellent for calcium deficiency.
*For additional benefits:
Add 3-4 drops of Eucalyptus oil in 1tsp of sesame oil before massaging the joints.
(always mix fresh)

**Cook in little sesame oil; it lubricates & supports the bowel and softens the stool.

Job/ lifestyle  is STRESSFUL
lazy LIFESTYLE/ no exercise/ movement
Always RESTLESSNESS/hyperactivity
OVEREATING at home / eating out often
BOOST Potassium in your diet
Banana Apricots, Avocados, oranges, prunes, melons, grapefruit, non-dairy milk, and yogurts
Greens leafy, spinach, vegetables, and juices
Eat beans and lentils in all three meals.
Peas, tomatoes, mushrooms  & potatoes are good
Raisins and dates
Chia, flax, and pumpkin three are very good
1-2tbs of soaked pumpkin seeds every day
add 1tbs of soaked chia to your food,
Take 1tbs of flax seeds and add 1 tsp of water on it eat after 2-3 hrs. soak flaxseeds ( chew well)
If possible stop animal products for 3 weeks
1- Loose weight if your BMI is not in this range ( 18-25)

4-BRISK WALK every day, weight training 3-4 times a week

1-SLEEP AT RIGHT TIME ( around 10 and wake up around sunrise)
2-EXERCISE MORE every day
3-REDUCE STRESS LEVEL by yoga, and meditation
4- REDUCE WEIGHT with right eating and digesting well
Eat fewer carbs, and spread your carb intake throughout the day,
and choose low-GI carbs.
Like- brown rice, quinoa, oats, and sweet potatoes, etc.
Cinamon, Garlic, fenugreek, turmeric, and ginger.
9- START SUPPLEMENT as per deficiencies.
It’s a condition when a CONFUSE IMMUNE SYSTEM regards parts of our body as INVADERS and responds by ATTACKING them.
For RA condition
We need to address inflammation, food sensitivities, enhanced intestinal permeability, and pathogens.
Diet can play a major role in ongoing inflammation
STOP  gluten, Dairy, Sugar, and all animal products completely.
Pro-inflammatory oils (e.g. corn, soybean, canola) and processed foods.
(100% cold turkey)
If possible all grains (gluten-containing or not)
Smoking aggravates the condition.
1-Curcumin( use a form that is highly bioavailable, such as Meriva phytosome complex, 1,000-2,000 mg twice daily)
2-Boswellia – 300 mg up to three times a day.
3-Omega -3 algal oil (EPA AND DHA 1000 -2000mg or more )
4-Bromelain, which must be taken on an empty stomach to be effective.( fight pain and swelling)
5-A probiotic that includes Saccharomyces Boulardii, taken twice daily (e.g. Metagenics UltraFlora Acute Care).
6-Vitamin D 1000mg every day Take along with K2
7-Primrose oil
8-Nettle leaf tea
*STAY ACTIVE/ MOVING, it’s important to not be sedentary,
Yoga has been shown to improve this condition.
1-Week Legs Nerves
2-Slow Blood circulation/ stuck QI
This sleepy foot isn’t a cause for concern but sometimes, it indicates an underlying condition.
In this case the COMPRESSION OF THE NERVES  cuts off the connection between your BRAIN and the NERVES IN YOUR FOOT.
SOLUTION /Suggestions:
1- NOT SIT IN ONE POSITION for a long time, especially with cross legs.
2-Apply magnesium spray on the leg for a week massage well.
Massage with a mix of cinnamon oil+
3- While sitting for long meditation, support your legs with a pillow under them.
4- YOGA can be a great help for healthy blood circulation- do it every day
Surya namaskar is complete in itself but emphasize more on, triangle pose, downward dog ( hold for 1-2 minutes)
5- Move after every 20-30 minutes.
Get up stretch, walk for 2-4 minutes.
Keep healthy sugar substitutes handy; whenever you crave sugar, EAT them.
2-CHIA SEEDS-Chia seeds are high in soluble fiber, which keeps you fuller for longer and curb your sugar cravings.
3- Home-made dark chocolate balls with dates/ raisins
4- Nice cream- blended frozen fruits.
5- Steamed/ roasted sweet potatoes are great as a snack/ meal and curb your sweet cravings
6- Green leaves + fruit smoothies/ dairy-free milk +fruit smoothies/hot chocolate.
7-Make a trail mixture with ROASTED SEEDS like SUNFLOWER, PUMPKIN, CHIA  & FLAX SEEDS.
Add dried goji berries, raisins, or chopped dates to it and a pinch of salt & pepper.
8- Drink warm/hot cinnamon water 2-3 times a day / whenever you feel the NEED.
9- I love Licorice tea also for this condition. Boil the root in water.
10 -HEALTHY FAT ALSO proved HELPFUL, eat raw coconut/ roasted coconut flacks/avocado/ NUT BUTTER IN MODERATION.
Please start this medication
B-12 methylcobalamin –
every day
Either spray/ self melting tablets
Any time of the day
1000mg D3
Vitamin A
Either drops/ capsules
*Take both of them together with food.
For 3 months and then take the test again
I am sorry dear dry cough is difficult to handle.
I have seen great results in this condition,
It really works like a magic!
Please take an anti-allergic medicine once a day, for about 7-10 days.
XYZAL by gsk is very effective in this condition.
Eat 1 tsp of awla powder every day first thing in the morning.
2- Giloy dhanvati
Twice daily
3 – Please keep a check on vitamin D and B-11
4- A humidifier can help you.
5- Steam 3-4 Times a day.
The smelly belly button is regular, but If you have a combination of foul smell and discharge,
it could be a sign of:
A fungal infection/ yeast infection/ bacterial infection/ bruise around or within the belly button.
In most cases, it’s simply sweat & dirt that gets accumulated.
Clean the belly button for 2-3 days; if there is still liquid oozing, visit a doctor.
Handle the area very carefully. First, we have to loosen the dirt/ grime.
Take hot water and add salt to it, dip a soft muslin cloth in it,
wipe the belly button with this and take it a bit deep to soften the area, and the dirt will come out quickly.
Do not push too much, do it in 1-3 days regularly until it stops smelling. After cleaning that, apply a little bit of coconut oil and leave it will further soften the dirt.
Increased hormones during pregnancy can cause higher cholesterol levels and delayed gallbladder emptying, leading to the formation of gallstones.
If these gall stones developed during the pregnancy,
there is a cure for that.
There are chances they get dissolve with medicine
deep fried stuff and heavy greasy food, diet.
During pregnancy hormones increased which
cause, higher cholesterol levels and delayed
gallbladder emptying,
which can lead to formation of gallstones.
I went through this and get rid of them too.
This medicine only works on cholesterol-enriched
noncalcified gallstones and very small-sized stones
( less than 20mm)
The medicine is called UDCA (Ursodeoxycholic acid)
8-10 mg per day.
It is available at big pharmacies (like Connaught Place in Delhi)

CLEANING is the key in dental health.
1.Start cleaning the teeth 20-30 minutes after every meal with a very soft brush and followed a floss/0- 1 size intra dental brush.

The remaining food particles are the main reason behind the bacteria/germs development and eventually, they becomes a cause of swollen gum/ bleeding.

2.After cleaning apply a mixture of coconut oil 1/4 tbs & clove oil 4-5 drops on the gums with Q tips.

*Additionally you may dip the interdental brush into this mixture of oil and clean the space in between the teeth.

*After 5 minutes, gargel fitkari (alum) water. You will see the difference in a day.

A HAPPY state of mind ACTIVE body

Healthy EATING habits are important Work on STRESS & deep sleep at night EAT COLOURED FRUITS & VEGGIES  VITAMIN C (1tsp amla powder)

VITAMIN A (1gm) ZINC (30gm zinc picolinate)


All are important, you can eat good quality food or start supplements for them.

Please DM me your whole Day’s diet schedule.

What do you eat throughout the day? What are the supplements& medication you are already taking for recovery and energy?

Once I know I will suggest accordingly. Take care.

Warm oil body massage with lavender oil can be very relaxing for you. If possible, take a massage twice a week.

My qualification are to start with
*I am a medical science graduate.
*A functional medicine practitioner.
*I did Plant based Nutrition From Cornell University.
*IIN Honoured me with Holistic Health Coach Award.
IIN (integrated institute Or nutrition New York)
I am graduate in integrative nutrition.
*I did graduation from the Academy of healing nutrition London.
(longevity diet based on TCM & Ayurveda)

*I am a certified International Yoga teacher (trained by Art of Living)
*I am also an OSHO Sanyasin, conducting regular meditation (INNER

Vitamin D is a steroid hormone: It's HUGELY IMPORTANT for the GUT HEALTH, absorption of
CALCIUM & the IMMUNE system. DAILY sunlight without sunscreen foil) is important both of them, and
supplementation, for now, is important.
Give them D3 (1000 iu) for 1 month then you may increase to 2000iu in next month if need to. Always
with a meal for the better absorption
Never supplements with BOLUS DOSES( 5 or 10/40,000 iu or more) as it depletes MAGNESIUM LEVELS.
Magnesium is required for Vitamin D conversion, whether it's from supplements or the sun. As it a
person is low in Magnesium, it shuts down the vitamin D synthesis.
They need 150-200mg of magnesium every day, either from food or supplements. AVOCADO,

Please ask your doctor for a test for Vitamin A. I want D & A BOTH to be in the upper half of the
reference range Vitamin D and Vitamin A actually bind to the same

Please check you vitamin B-12 and C levels
Too up if you need to.
I would see a probability of LOW STOMACH ACIDS.
You are not absorbing the iron properly.
Must top up your it on levels as it is important for the conversion of T4 to T3 Thyroid hormones.
1 Beetroot-steamed every day Or drink a juice of beetroot 1- pomegranate everyday
Eat 1tsp of awla powder every day in an empty stomach. Eat Pumpkin seeds, legumes also daily basis
Eat green leafy veggies everyday Eat green chutney in every meal.
Eat Please look at the beetroot recipes on my page.
You can start natural supports from the brands like Garden of life (very good product) loradiz liquid iron
is a good formula too.

Please click the highlight calcium
As it has 3-4 posts and the recipes enhance calcium naturally with goo diet.
Or visit my website and look for calcium recipes.

Please switch to glass, ceramic, stoneware, brass and heavy base stainless steel utensils for

YOGA, MEDITATION & EXERCISE/dancing along with the right kind of food.
Everyday movement/ stretching/ exercise keeps
your reasoning and thinking skills sharp because it increases the blood flow to your brain, along with
certain HAPPY HORMONES /chemicals that help protect it.
Try to get moving every day for at least 30 minutes.
Feel beautiful
6- STAY Positive, Feel young

Your question is not very clear to me but
I am trying my best to answer. Drink Green Tea/homemade herbal tea 4-5 times a day.
(ginger/mint/ lemon grass/fennel/cumin/ rose etc) Sencha tea is particularly helpful in weight loss.
Infused/flavored Water- sip whole day / whenever you wish to.
Vegetable Juice.
Dal ka pani.
Clear soups.
Drink chia water (add flavors) (Recipe in quick eats)
Blended veggies/ lentil soups. (get the soup recipe in soup highlights).

I start my day with an awla powder capsule by organic India.
Drink water
BREAKFAST: 1 cup or a little more steamed sprouts + chopped1/2 avocado, onion, tomatoes, cucumber.
A squeeze of lemon/ tamarind pulp
Some days nut/ coconut /seed milk with 1 protein ball
PROTEIN – any one option + Dal -1 cup/ Channa/ black channa/ tofu
VITAMIN+ FIBER  = 1 cup vegetables, 1 small steamed beet root + small amount of steamed salad / spinach / kale on the side & green chutney+ fermented pickle (1-2tbs)
CARBOHYDERATE =  quinoa/Millet/ wheat =one roti  OR cooked millet/ quinoa -1/2 cup
FAT =3tbs of coconut yogurt/ raita
Some days I eat quinia/ rice + dal khichdi with coconut yogurt raita and pickles+ steamed salad+ steamed beetroot etc.
MIDEVENING: Herbal tea with 1 protein ball/ seeds
A big bowl of lentil + veggies soup + more veggies ( stir-fries) NO GRAIN
someday I add 2-3tbs of cooked grain/ a small besan chilla/mung chilla/lentil idli/ chickpea noodle
If I eat dinner around 6 PM, then I drink NUT/ SEES/ COCONUT milk before going to bed or otherwise drink chamomile tea and go to bed.
Iron deficiency can come from a
1-poor diet
2- blood loss.
3- your body is not absorbing iron from food. (malabsorption in the diet)
Vitamin C deficiency can be a cause of low iron absorption.
Eat 1tsp  awla powder/ 2capsules of awla power on an empty stomach.
Add some vitamin C substitute in every meal.
 I recommend starting with 1000mcg/daily of B-12  (always on a full stomach as B12 requires strong stomach acid to prepare for absorption in the intestines).
Start vitamin A supplement capsule/ drops eat it with the food.
You can have 1.5 mg (1,500 µg) every day.
Beta carotene significantly increases the absorption of iron
Eat a balanced diet with fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds, tofu, organic soy, lentils, beans, etc. If you do not have any digestive issues, you will quickly absorb the iron,
Eat dark leafy greens (e.g., kale, spinach, turnip greens)
1- steamed beetroot or drink the beauty drink ( get the recipes from my page)

Eat one pomegranate every day.

Clean your mouth first with a SOFT brush and use herbal toothpaste.
Followed by cleaning between your teeth daily with an interdental cleaner (like floss/thin brush).
I love to use a mixture of  1tsp fractionated coconut oil+ 6-7 drops s of essential CLOVE OIL.
Mix them in a small container and dip the interdental brush in it and push it gently in between the teeth where you feel food particles/ fiber/ seeds stuck.
*Cleaning in between the teeth every day will SAVE LOTS OF TROUBLES
like toothache, cavities, swollen gums, etc.
*It will help remove a sticky film called plaque.
*Add water to the same mixture and use it as a mouth freshener.
Nowadays you can conduct a SLEEP STUDY
You can visit a SLEEP SPECIALIST/ SLEEP CENTER and get their help in this matter.
Depending upon your sleep symptoms you can undergo an in-depth analysis of your breathing during sleep by a study, called polysomnography.
As a home remedies
I have seen if a person is overweight, shedding few pounds in some cases helps. ( thin people snore too 🙁
Avoid alcohol before/around bedtime.
If there is any NASAL CONGESTION, please address that
If a person is extremely tired/ always sleep-deprived, that can lead to snoring too!
Try changing sleeping posture, avoid sleeping on the back
In one case I have seen, using a long BODY PILLOW helped.
It helps to maintain sleeping on the side and It can works.
It’s an alarming and painful condition:(
1- please maintain soft stool either naturally or start Triphala powder/ isabgol husk/ psyllium husk/ what works for you, but the stool passing should always be very SOFT.
Just one day of constipation can reverse the healing to day one!
2- Stop dairy and animal products at least till you get healed.
3-Prepare a sitz bath by adding few crystals of Potassium permanganate to the warm/ room temperature water; in a small tub, sit in this water ( affected area dipped in the water) for 15-20 minutes twice daily.
4- Heat the coconut oil and mix freshly grated turmeric with it; cook for a while. ( make fresh every day for best results)
Apply this strained oil 3-4 times a day on the area and cover with tissue paper ( be careful with yellow stains on clothes)
5- Add turmeric to coconut/ nut/ seeds milk and eat hot/ warm milk every day before going to bed.
6- Drink much water, eat homemade light food( soft food like khichdi/ soups/rice, dal), add green veggies and leaves to every meal ( green chutney)
Ideally NO SPICES or only black pepper and salt in the food.
Drink coconut water every day on an empty stomach.
You will be fine in 2-3 weeks.
7- Do not sit for lengthy hrs/ lay down for few minutes and get up Move, sit back.
Please start with soft fruits like ripe bananas, avocado, papaya, and chikoo, etc.
You can start green smoothies, nut and seeds/ coconut milk smoothies ( add cacao powder/ vanilla powder for extra taste)
Amranth/ oats porridge, soft khichdi/ custard/ kheer/ lentil/ veggies blended soups.
You can give the baby homemade banana bread/muffins.
Please add soaked dates/raisins as a sugar substitute.
If possible, No sugar for the baby.
Make tofu with organic non-GMO soya beans, and you can introduce it to the baby.
There are various triggers for this condition Like-
Dehydration, STRESS, caffeine, dairy products, hormonal changes, LOW SEROTONIN, INSOMNIA, POOR POSTURE etc.
1-Magnesium – -400mg twice daily with food.  (The glycinate and malate forms are easy to find, easily absorbed)
2-CoQ10 – 150mg twice daily with food. ( An absolutely critical enzyme for energy generation)
(The ubiquinol form is preferred for better absorption)
3-Riboflavin – B2 (400 mg) is effective in preventing migraines.
4-B6, B9, and B12 -ALL are  critical and good to supplement,
B6 is especially imp for serotonin production, which plays a critical role in pain perception.
5-STRESS- start meditation every day twice f for 10 minutes at least.
In addition to avoiding the triggers mentioned above and experimenting with the suggested supplements, there are several complementary therapies that have been shown to reduce the incidence of migraines.
6-MASSAGE – helps reduce stress
7- Exercise/ yoga every day
8- Spend  30 minutes minimum outside in nature.
There are numerous gluten-free options that are easily available in the Indian market/online.
1-Prefer organic grain
2-In the summer months, you can replace wheat with barley, rice, quinoa, amaranth, oats, and sorghum (jowar)
You get flour and grains in all options.
You can cook the grain after soaking overnight and make roti with the flour.
3-Take the flour and add 1 tbs of flax powder in 2 roties, pour warm to hot water over it.
let it cool down and then add the salt, pepper, any other veggie, spices, herbs, etc.
make a dough and make roti.
You can add steamed potato or sweet potato for additional softness.
4- In the winter months you can use bajra, makki, and foxtail millets flour/grain.
5- You can make cookies, cakes, chips with this flour too.
Please stop dairy, animal products, & all types of  oil for 3 weeks ( Go cold turkey) you will see a significant improvement in sinus condition.
To handle tinnitus, let’s work on oxidative damage.
*While an ear exam should be done to rule out excessive ear wax or other obstructions,
*Supplements that have been shown to be helpful include:
1- Check RBC zinc and supplement as appropriate with zinc citrate/zinc picolinate.
(Zinc supplementation will benefit)
2- CoQ10-100 milligrams to 200 milligrams ( follow the instructions on the bottle)
3- Taurine plays a role in hearing taurine ( 500–2,000 mg per day)
4- B12 tends to be low in people with tinnitus
500-1000mcg Methylcobalamine is good to start once a day
5- Gingko Biloba
(120–240 mg divided into several doses throughout the day.)
Eat a low-glycemic, anti-inflammatory diet with increased intake of berries, colorful vegetables, herbs &  spices, algae oil to ensure adequate omega-3.
**These supplements are in general very safe to consume but please consult Your doctor also.
For living a good healthy life we all should aim to work on all levels of wellbeing
*For physical wellbeing-
Wake up when the sun rises
Go to bed around 10
Eat after  sunrise
Stop eating when/ around sunset.
*Do some sort of exercise/ yoga/ weights every day it is IMPORTANT for physical & mental wellbeing.
** Every day schedule a time when you dance, laugh, and appreciate yourself.
There is a fun way to know more about yourself & your life and where you NEED TO WORK MORE.
Scroll down in my post and look for WELLBEING WHEEL.
In my opinion, you have to take care of two things the most
Heartburn and acid reflux
1- Your diet should have low / NO spices
2- NO tea or coffee ( you can drink green teas)
3-If possible STOP SUGAR,  Gluten, DAIRY & animal products
4-Pre-prepared or fast foods
5-Bread & cereals
1- fermented food
Coconut/ peanut/ nut  yogurt
kimchi, kefir, sauerkraut etc.
2-leafy greens vegetables, lentils, beans, organic tofu
3-whole grains ( no refined bread, pasta, maida, kulcha)
4-Soaked nuts ( 10 max )  & seeds( 2tbs )
5-Avoid citrus fruits, you can eat apples, berries, and seasonal fruits.
6-Add these herbs to your diet
cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, fennel, coriander, etc.
6- Stay vigilant, watch  the food item which creates acid reflux, stop eating
Use any herbal toothpaste.
It’s important to use dental floss every day after cleaning them.
NEVER ignore the stuck food in between the teeth, you can use the thinnest interdental brush also.
I like to use a mixture of
1/2tsp fractionated coconut oil + 4-5 drops of clove oil.
Dip the interdental brush in it and clean the area between the teeth.
Use this mixture ( by adding water to it)  as a mouth wash before going to bed to keep the mouth germ-free.

The cure for this condition is complex and I need to know more about the client.

How overweight is she?

Is she face fatigue, widespread pain, tenderness along with insomnia, depression, anxiety, brain fog, digestives disturbances and headaches.

1- Stop gluten & all animal products including dairy for 3 weeks.

2- Check Vitamin D deficiency

3- Start Magnesium citrate 250mg twice daily (1- after BF, 2nd  30 min before going to bed )

4- Methylated B complex

5- Water with electrolyte / 2-3 coconut water everyday

6- She can get little help from accupuncture and a chiropractor for hip/back pain.

7- Activity is beneficial like yoga/ Qigong

Is She eating too fast or too spicy food?

It can irritate the diaphragm and cause hiccups.

Give him water to drink it will stop it immediately. Gargling with water instantly stops the hiccups too! Pressing Jn the center of upper lip abd below the base of nose for few seconds is helpful.

Try to sit for meditation twice daily. Staying active through the day leads to a good night sleep. Breathing right is helpful in deep sleep.

Inhale- contract the stomach supplement 250 mg magnesium citrate twice a day

1- after breakfast

2- 30 minutes before going to bed is helpful

Please read sleep. in elemnets of my page

Our eating habits, sedentary lifestyle, genes/heredity. Smoking & Alcohol and obesity, all are the main players behind this condition.

You can cure this by completely stopping all animal products, dairy, processed, fried food, refined vegetable oil, sugar, etc.

Exercise 5-6 days of the week along with pranayama and yoga can help tremendously. Add omega-3 into the diet like walnuts and flaxseeds.

Start supplement of vegan omega-3 (algae with minimum with (EPA) 300-400mg DHA 500mg

Are you drinking water with the food?
Please look at your lifestyle habits; DM me after that.
Drinking a large amount of water with food & a low stomach acid level
can dilute stomach acid, raising pH and impair digestion in many ways.
You would burp when you
Gulped in too much air while swallowing
Drank too much too quickly that did not allow Natural displacement of
air while adding water to gastric cavity.
Drank icy water (which can cause blood vessels to constrict & potentially
muscles to spasm) If the water is carbonated, the gas bubbles can cause
Another habit that can cause burping is chewing gum (can cause
swallowing of air).
Let me know if these are not the cause of burping or work on this.

Your current lifestyle is a cause of your pain/ this condition.
1- Lead an active life.
Do not sit for more than 30 minutes in one place.
2-Yoga, stretching, Tai chi, and exercise should be part of your daily life. Start slow but built it up.
3- Sleep around 10 PM and wake up around sunlight
4- HOT OIL massage every day is a great to help.
Heat mustard oil + add 1tsp of ajwain (carom seeds), cook for few mi utes, strain, and massage. with this
oil every day..
5- Try Acupuncture also
6- FOR 1-3 months STOP Dairy, Eggs, Soy, GLUTEN Animal products, Sugar & refined carbs (maida,
white bread biscuits etc.)

STOP pro-inflammatory oils (e.g. corn, soybean, canola) and processed foods.
7-For 3 weeks eliminate nightshade vegetables, and also all grains (gluten-containing or not)
8-Curcumin is very good for you, Meriva phytosome complex, 1,000-2,000 mg BID. Supplements Meriva
phytosome complex, 1,000-2,000 mg BID.
Vitamin D after test Bromelain, which must be taken on an empty stomach to be effective. Boswellia –
300 mg up to three times a day. Omega-3 (EPA & DHA more than 500mg MINIMUM) OLA in the form of
evening pravil. Consult Hour doctor before starting the suppreurekhasadaha…..

Apply lavender oil on the temples.
Sit in silence & inhale deeply (stomachout)… exahale slowly ( stomach in) for 5-10 minutes. You will
feel better.

1-Stand with one leg straight for a minute,  shift the entire bodyweight on this leg.
Change the leg & shift the bodyweight to this leg for a minute.
The first leg is relaxed & soft, repeat it 10-15 times
2- Straight one leg & try to kick your buttocks, repeat the same with another leg  10-15 times
3- Leg  raises while sitting in your chair.
Lift one leg off the seat, and extend it straight, hold ;
then lower your foot (stop short of the floor) and hold for several seconds.
Switch the leg, repeat each leg 10- 15 times.
4- Heel raises – raise the heals together while sitting in the chair,  hold for a while
Then raise the toes- repeat 10-15 times
Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart & slowly raise your heels off the floor, walk like this if possible
5- Get up from your chair and take a walk for 2-3 minutes every 30 minutes and drink water
6- climb stairs whenever possible.
7- Get a massage once a week 
8- Please reduce weight as legs get tired due to being overweight.
YOGA is in general safe and effective after the surgery.
Please start in 4 weeks’ time.
You can start simple SITTING AASNAS, like neck and arm rotation/stretches, shoulder opening asanas,
basically, upper body release is safe to start from the first week.
Add side stretching
You can perform a few simple legs movements while LYING DOWN on the floor, to keep you relaxed.
Be kind to yourself.
Do things mindfully, and gently.
DOING LESS   is sometimes more beneficial than overdoing it.
In 3-4 weeks you can start complete yoga if you feel recovered.

Lack of sleep can be one of the reason work on your breathing take a Deep inhalation, and slow exhalation certainly rejuvenates you.

Reduce street, take magnesium 250gm supplement before going to bed and once in the morning after the breakfast. Take body massage once a week of an hour or 90 minutes, With lavender oil eat balanced diet all colours of rainbow fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds.

Start 2tbs of plant protein/ 1 Protein ball after workout/yoga session.

How much is your iron level? Please top up your vitamin S and B-12 if low.

Start eating 2 TBS of plant-based protein power after the work out check the recipe on my page highlight protein. Test iron (HB) B-12 and vitamin d deficiency in any of them can cause fatigue.

Eat soaked nuts Abd seeds, all colored fruits and veggies everyday

Unpolished is better. As polishing remove most of the vitamins and minerals which are essential for our health. On top of it refined starches in those rice increases the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Eating brown rice should be your first choice. They are whole and give you a feeling of fullness, and help in weight loss and other health issues. You can opt for Fir wild/ black rice. Also; they are also perfect for your daily meals

But if you have sensitive stomach then eating unpolished white rich is sate for you

I have stopped using a microwave oven, plastic containers, aluminum utensils, and foil more than six
years ago.
Traditional methods of cooking are the best.
The use of Microwave ovens is a highly controversial topic.
All I can say is that it's not safe to use Microwave ovens, and YES. It can impact human hormones.

You can do two days of strength training exercise at gym/ home instead of walking. As walking is
also a moderate aerobic activity.