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Faq Female Hormonal issues

The Cellular hypothyroid function and Low estrogen are both drivers of this condition.
Please do the blood test for both to know the ROOT CAUSE  behind diabetes, pigmentation & dry skin.
If you have any blood reports ( 6-12 months old), please share the PDF with me to better understand the condition.
️Watch these factors- which can be a cause of the skin condition –
1- Intake of black tea (and, to a lesser degree, strong coffee & green tea).
2- Imbalanced intake of essential fats (both O3 and essential O6).
3- Low zinc and vitamin A are particularly crucial
4- Hydration (and sodium/potassium balance) matters greatly.
️Local application
1- Apply vitamin C serum/orange peel powder paste every day
2- Use sunscreen when going out.
3- Use homemade face wash/ gentle face wash like Cetaphil / Cera Ve
Dear its not a problem
I can understand that change can be scary and uncomfortable.
I have menopause 6 years ago when i was 45 years old.
I am more ACTIVE, HAPPY & MORE ALIVE than before.
POSITIVE ATTITUDE  is importand in this journey.
The way you think and feel about everything will make all the difference to your experience.
If you handle this stage with RIGHT FOOD & ACTIVE and POURPOSE FULL LIFE,
then I think you come out the other side a better person.
All are good forms to stay active &  FIT.
️In my opinion/ experience  modern day DAIRY & DAIRY PRODUCTS  are NOT RIGHT for anyone
️If you can switch to WHOLE PLANT BASED DIET
It will be great for this stage and transition/ change will be very SMOOTH  for you
Its a natural biological proces, do not worry about it.
It is like the beginning of the periods, we were not doing any thing so similarly its closing down.
Regular EXERCISE, YOGA/WALKS & weight-training) is very important
Sound SLEEP, self-care, having FAMILY support…all are more important than any supplements.
️1- SWITCH from tea & coffee to green tea.
️2- REDUCE/ STOP animal products and dairl( if possible cold turkey)
️3- 2 Tbsp daily of ground flaxseed everyday add in porriage/ yogurt
️4- Maca root ( 1 tsp, 2 times a day mix in water)
️5- With the help of a TCM doctor you can start Herbal extracts such as dong quai
Very effective at this stage.
All the best, its a beautiful Stage of LIFE.
CONGRATULATIONS May the divine bless you & the baby with good health.
It is a BIG RESPOSIBILITY to give birth to A NEW LIFE.
I am sorry dear as I can not suggest much on this but being a mother twice and  belong to a family of doctors
and fmy ather was an  Ayurvedic doctor I can say that
️STYING HAPPY &  welcoming towards the baby is the most important thing
️  Baby takes signals about the mother’s mental state, the music she listen, what type of TV, Movies she watch.
Every thing is making its impact on them.
️Try to meditate every day as much as you can.
listen calming music.
️Please avoid eating anything that could be too agitating/ high pitta  (such as spicy or fried food)
similarly too depleting to the system (too much of the bitter and astringent tastes).
️Eat fresh, local & seasonal fruits and vegetables
Eat organic as pesticides are harmful for you and the baby
️Do not travel if it is not important
️Avoid too much or too intense exercise; fights/crying/ loud sounds etc.
️Take life bit more relaxed manner
️Avoid animal products and dairy if the source is NOT IN FRONT OF YOU.
AVOIDING RAW food is important during the periods.
Avoid sugar, spices, dairy, and animal products.
1-Eat warm food & light food, which gets digested well.
2-Drink nut milk.
Add 8-10 almonds/ cashews in a blender.
Add turmeric, black pepper, saffron, and soaked date in it.
Blend to make the milk.
Drink Warm/ hot
3-Drink cumin seed tea & herbal tea during the day.
4-Eat sesame seeds soaked/roasted as per season.
5-Eat fruits like Pomegranates or apples.
Your concerns can be of two types-
Frequent urge to urinate
Waking up at night to urinate.
Whatever the case, let’s see find out the CAUSE BEHIND the condition.
It can be  due to
Weak pelvic muscles
Alcohol/ tea /coffee/Smoking
Nerve damage/ STRESS
Obesity / Diabetes
UTI infection
Use of medications
(please send me the list of medication which you are consuming currently)
If you have menopause, Estrogen deficiency can be the cause of concern.
(I want to know your age & more details as well.)
Lifestyle changes may help.
Let’s start with the FOOD INTAKE 
(stop for 21 days & reintroduce and see the effect of this food on your condition)
Tea, Coffee, SMOKING, Alcohol.
Store-bought chocolate, soft drinks
SUGAR, Artificial sweetener, vinegar, and cranberry juice.
Tomatoes and tomato-based products.
Excess spices
STOP- supplementing  vitamin C & eating citrus fruits,
Cranberry juice/ cranberries.
NO OUTSIDE FOOD, cook at home.
Eat whole wheat/millets,  fruit, vegetables, soaked nuts, and seeds.
3- Exercise
Stay active
YOGA  & MEDITATION is beneficial in calming the mind and giving you mental strength.
INHALE .. EXHALE and squeeze your pelvic floor muscles quickly several times a day.
Do not relax fully in between these squeezes.
Relax the rest of your body.

Vitamin D3 1000mg everyday

B-12 500mcg everyday

Please test before starting.

1-Crataeva ( Varuna)
Please visit a store that sells Indian herbs; these are effective in this condition.
LIFESTYLE change can help you if you want to give it a chance.
STOP Dietary caffeine (e.g., coffee, black tea, chocolate)
NO TO Alcohol, CIGARETTE, dairy & animal products.
Throw MICROWAVE &  PLASTIC away from your kitchen.
STOP xenoestrogen chemicals  ( personal hygiene & beauty products)
️Good-quality B complex supplement (e.g. Jarrow B-Right).
️You must have sufficient magnesium. ( citrate 250mg twice daily)
️Chastetree berry during the latter (luteal half )of the menstrual cycle to enhance the progesterone synthesis.
Start taking iodine- Under the supervision of your doctor, please.
Built-up slowly (over ~3 weeks) to 12.5mg of Iodoral daily on a full stomach
(It is essential when using oral iodine to check thyroid function overtime to ensure the iodine dose does not start suppressing thyroid function)
️Take TEST if there is any insulin resistance at play.
Reducing insulin and thus reducing androgens and restoring ovulation and overall hormone balance
is critical for long-term resolution
️The liver must detoxify estrogen and secrete excess via your GI tract for removal from the body.
As impaired detoxification and chronic constipation can stand in the way of this process.
It’s normal to miss a period once in a while.
Please don’t worry and stay calm.
It could be due to stress/ changes in your eating/  exercise habits.
Please wait one week and retest.
It can take 3 weeks after a missed period before a detectable level of HCG is produced.

Congratulation on the New Born!!

1) Methi seeds(Fenugreek seeds)

Boil a tsp of fenugreek seeds in water. Strain the seeds.

Drink this 2-3 times a day. Eat fenugreek sprouts as well.

2) Fennel seeds

Add a tbsp of fennel seeds in a cup of boiling water, infuse for a few minutes and drink twice daily/ chew a spoonful of raw or roasted seeds a few times a day.

3) Add cumin seeds & cinnamon to your food

4) For supplement-You may take Shatavari herb powder/capsules.

It will help in quality of milk also.

Must consult with a gynecologist; they might suggest an operation. Do not delay the exams and assessments. Please take action asap as it can aggravate. Take care.

In general please follow a high antioxidant-rich Whole plant-based diet.

Eat lots of greens and veggies, Berries, Nuts, Green Tea, Whole grain.

Healthy fat like nuts and seeds,1/2 avocado a day, organic cold press olive oil, flax seeds, etc.

PCOD is a hormonal disorder, so it’s important to avoid all kinds of animal products, dairy, eggs, cheese, junk food & non-organic soy products.

Eat organic fruits and veggies.

As non organic food is sprayed with hormones and chemicals which can create havoc in the body.

A person with PCOS should keep 2 things in mind

*Weight Management

*Insulin Production and resistance

Avoid- High GMO food Refined and fried food, Dairy and animal products.

White sugar,(eat natural whole sugar), Cold drinks, juices(fruit with fiber are good)

Please get your answer in the FAQ  I have answered.

Our Hormones can be immensely affected by the choices of food that we make.
*very delicious broccoli can help in maintaining Estrogen balance.
*Yummy Avocado (1/2 per day) can manage your stress hormones.
*Antioxidant-rich pomegranates can help in controlling excessive production of estrogen in the body.
*Flaxseeds are a rich source of lignin (phytoestrogen), which helps in balancing the hormones.
*Versatile Quinoa, can check on insulin and androgen levels

I am sorry before any diet suggestion I need to know your current lifestyle and habits.

1- What is the cause behind oversized ovaries is cysts or something else?

2- How much are your weight, height, age, and activity levels?

3- I want to see your blood sugar levels.

4- What you eat on a typical day, BREAKFAST, LUNCH, DINNER, TEA TIME & IN BETWEEN, munching snacking, etc.


In general whole plant-based diet is very effective in controlling this condition.

Eat high fiber green leafy veggies, your diet should have a balance of carbs, protein, good fat (nuts and seeds, avocados) along with antioxidants and superfoods.

It`s a natural phenomenon, end of the reproductive years you are “around menopause” and the body is making natural transition to menopause. Irregular menstrual cycle is a normal process just be with it.

The level of Estrogen (female harmone)- in your body rises & falls unevenly so so your menstrual cycles may lenghten and shorten.

In 6-12 months you will be absolutely fine. This is a difficult time for your family too (mood swings uff)

*Yoga, meditation/ breathwork can help to keep you calm

*calming teas are helpful

*Vitamin D top-up is important.

*Dong quai is my absolute favourite herb, a remedy from traditional chinese medicines. You can use the root of this plant as a tincture/extract/ as a tea.

*Switching to a whole plant-based diet really helps in the smooth closingm of this stage.

Early menopause, in your case, is at which case?

It’s a natural process. Most women begin menopause from 45-55 years. Its okay if it starts before or around that time. Its genetic as well.

Dong Quai herb (Chinese herb) is very potent for irregular periods.

Boil the roots of this herb & make a tea & drink every day. You can get its supplement capsules also (Nature’s way brand is good)

1tbs of soaked Garden cress seeds are safe for pregnant women. Moderation is key. Please ask your doctor before starting to eat regularly

Dong Quia is my fact herb for the period problems. Take 1000 mg tablet-2 times a day or have crude root extract devotion 8-10g per day. Continue for more than 3 months to see the results

Are you planning a baby? In general, there is no harm in continuing your folic acid supplement during the periods. If there are problems in periods in that case we need to look deeper. Please either consult with a gynecologist or DM ME WITH OTHER DETAILS

Please stop dairy, sugar, animal products for 21 days.
Start eating organic food/ food without pesticides and chemicals; it will help you magically.
Start homemade light food.
No to coffee and tea.
Wash your face with homemade face wash ( swipe up for recipe) and apply tea tree oil on the spot.
There are several reasons behind this, which can be identified by a gynecologist.
Please consult and find out the cause first.
It can be due to stress, thyroid, PCOS, medication, birth control pills, or endometriosis, etc.
Please take the test done between Day 20-22 of a cycle (with Day 1 being typically the first day of menstrual bleeding).
This is generally going to reflect maximum, ongoing progesterone secretion.
Otherwise, as you can see in the graph below, the levels vary quite a bit.
This is a PERIMENOPAUSE symptom.
No need to worry, this will be settled down within 6-12 months maximum.
If you want therapy for her then, hormone therapy may be an option.
It can help with the bleeding problem and other symptoms like  hot flashes and night sweats.
I went through this condition around 6 years ago, I was fine in 6 months’ time without any medication.
WHOLE PLANT-BASED LIFESTYLE, regular meditation & yoga  have helped me in this condition.
1-Please start adding  2 Tbsp of ground flaxseed daily in her diet.
2-Add chaste tree berry
3-Any entry-level B-Complex
Swipe to see the samples