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Faq Digestive Issues

For UC patients, Amaranth flour is good.
Rice is the best grain for such conditions.
Stop raw green completely, no spices, chilly, etc., and no deep-fried food.

The heat-generating food aggravates & imbalances the Pitta and can give a sudden bout of pimples or rashes all over the body.

You will feel outraged and restless in your mood. Feel itch in inner organs and heat in passing urine.

You can feel acidity and heartburn symptoms too.

Please stop oil, dairy, and animal products, spices, tea, and coffee for few days. Follow the Khichdi diet. Please read in other FAQs as well in this section, as I have written in detail.

Great to know that you are eating well and exercising regularly!

Try to stop all animal products including dairy for 21 days or at least a week before the periods and see if you feel better.

Drink warm digestive drinks made with any of these seeds (carom seeds/ cumin seeds/mint/fennel)

Add 1-2tsp in an infuser and pour hot water over it, let it steep for a while, and drink.

Stop lentils and beans, bread during these days too!

Eat light soups and stir veggies, sweet potatoes, avocado, etc, during the day. Do not consume very cold food like ice cream, cold smoothies, juice, cola, cold fruit, etc.

In general, maintain the VATA balance in the body.

I am sorry if I missed your question last week.

Please find out the reason behind the cause of water retention in your body.

*it can be high sodium diet/junk food

*Hormone changes around the monthly cycle.

* are you exercising and moving enough?

If your job is such that you keep on sitting the whole day, please get up and move around after every 30 minutes.

Supplements and remedies-

B-6 supplement (Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate 30mg), Eat 10 soaked Nuts (mixed/anyone) every day, reduce sodium, increase potassium and magnesium in your diet.

Eat avocado, banana, sweet potato, tomatoes, and fresh green chutney in every meal.

Drink coriander seeds tea. Dandelion tea

Eat a piece of aloe vera every day

Eat 1/2 tsp of ajwain (celery seeds) +1/4 tsp black salt with pepper for few days.

Chew fennel seeds after every meal.

Apply ginger compression on your stomach for quick relief.

Please read the previous answer. For PCOD please check the Hormonal issues FAQs

– I am happy to answer your question, but I have already written about it. Please read the FAQ’S.

Eat 1 tsp of Triphala powder before going to bed, if you feel no difference in few days then increase 1 tsp more.

Eat food rich in fiber, avoid animal products and dairy (a major cause of constipation)

Start eating 1 soaked fig every day and add 2 tsp of fluffed Gond Katira in your water/smoothies.

Cause- Low Vitamin D & regualr use of NSAIDs/ SSRIs/ birth control pilss, chemicals in food, environmental toxins, microbial imbalance, stress, low zinc, less antioxidant intake, poor digestive enzimes secretion, and excess alchohol intake.

Healing food and supplements-

High intake of vegetables for prebiatic fiber. Mucilaginous foods such as ocra, chia seeds & flaxseed (ground).Avoid all foods containing gluten

Start- Quercetin and probiotics.

Curcumin(500mg 2x/day)

Vitamin E

DGL (deglycyrrhizinated licorice( not whole licorice root)

Add digestive enzymes with each meals for 2-3 months.

First of all, it’s imp to know that you’re facing what type of GUT health issue?

Low vitamin D & dairy & animal products, regular use of NSAIDs/SSRIs/birth control pills, chemicals in food, refined food, environmental toxins, microbial imbalance, stress, low zinc, poor digestive enzyme secretion & excess alcohol intake. These are causes of concern regarding Gut health & hormonal imbalance.

Healing food & supplements:

  • High intake of vegetables for prebiotic fiber
  • Mucilaginous goods such as okra, chia seeds & flaxseed
  • Avoid all foods containing gluten & dairy, animal, meat, eggs for 3 weeks
  • Start- Querecetin & probiotics
  • Curcumin (500mg 2x/daily)
  • Black seed oil for 1month
  • Add digestive enzymes
  • Drink mint/ginger/carom 2-3 times a day

Slow conscious and mindful eating is essential. Do not munch/ graze in between the meals. Start these 3 natural herbal medicines.

*Pudin Hara Pearls- 1 pearl three times a day -3-7 days. Gulp it down with water after a meal.

*Activated charcoal tablets- (Nature`s way 100 capsule) twice daily in-between meal (at least 1 & 1/2 hours after a meal)- 3 months

* Digestive enzymes (renew life digest more enzymes/ enzimedica`s digest both are good ) twice daily 15 min before the meal- 3 months

* Drink herbal tea with any of these herbs




* Stop dairy, animal products, white sugar, yeast, soy, wheat, legumes (chickpeas, kidney beans, lentils) entirely for 21 days.

You can eat yellow moong dal if you wish.

To cleans the system:

Try any of this along with high fibre fruits & vegetable rich diet.

Eat fermented food or take 50million vegan probiotic tablet(14-16 strain) for a month

Drink lot of water and eat whole gran

Before going to bed:

1tbs of psyllium husk mixed in water (a glass of water after that)

Or, 1tbs of Swollen/ soaked Gond katira with a glass of water (Tragacanth gum)

1tbs of Triphala powder, mix in ¼ cup of water, gulp it down, drink a glass of lukewarm water in additionA

Maintain food hygiene

Slow down, Sit down & chew, chew, chew.

Avoid the big gulp

Cultivate the habit of stop eating when they feel 80% full

Leave room for digestion to take place

Wear loose clothing around your mid-section

Don’t eat 2-3 hrs before bedtime

Avoid coffee, black tea, soda, alcohol, spicy foods

Stop animal products & diary for 3 weeks

Long term use of acid suppressing medication can be dangerous

For 21 day clean the gut by avoiding allergic food Wheat, dairy, animal products (Meat, Egg cheese), Soy, Peanuts, Yeast (Bread & Bakery)

Eat whole grain with lots of fiber or eat khichdi with veggies & green leaves

No raw food

Steamed, semi-liquid, pre-digested, soft food only, so that your digestive system gets time to heal itself

No food after7pm

After eating maida you can get any of this to clean the system

1-2tbs of psyllium husk mixed in water (a glass of water after that)

Or, 1tbs of Swollen/ soaked Gond katira with a glass of water (Tragacanth gum)

1tbs of Triphala powder, mix in ¼ cup of water, gulp it down, drink a glass of lukewarm water in addition

I am sorry I can suggest after knowing the details about the diet he is consuming the whole day.  Breakfast, lunch, Dinner. In between, snacking. Eating the balanced plant – based diet can help him tremendously How much is his activity levels?

Please check your diet and observer is it a low-fiber / high-fat diet?

HOW is your activity level?

Do you drink soups with veggies/lentils every day? how much is your water intake?

Please start eating a balanced diet rich in fruit and veggies

Stop dairy and animal products for a month. take 1 tsp or a little more TRIPHALA POWDER mix it in 1/4cup of water. Gulp It down every night before going to bed.

start with this send me your reply and we will take it further

Eat fermented food like kimchi, sauerkraut, pickles, idli/ dosa, yogurt daily.

Walk barefoot in the garden, you get soul bacteria from there.

A-Slow mindful eating is essential. Do not munch/graze in between the meals. Start these 3 natural herbal medicines.

Pudin Hara Pearls-1 pearl three times a day -3-7 days. Gulp it down with water after a meal.

Activated charcoal tablets-(Nature’s way 100 capsule) twice daily in-between meal (at least 1 & 1/2 hours after a meal)- 3 months Digestive enzymes (renew life digest more enzymes/enzimedica’s digest both are good ) twice daily 15 min before the meal- 3 months

Drink herbal tea with any of these herbs peppermint Fennel


If possible, try not to eat dairy, animals, products, white sugar, yeast, soy, wheat, legumes (chickpeas, kidney beans, lentils) entirely for 21 days.

You can eat well-cooked yellow moong dal

The best way is to avoid food which is not suitable for you.

As it is difficult to cure this condition, If you clean your gut completely as stop dairy, animal products, yeast, soy, peanuts, and the food give you an allergic reaction for 21 days.

If you start in moderation, but with a high quality organic, sometimes the body adjusts it in small quantities occasional eating.

Please ask your doctor before starting them as they might give you a serious/ fatal reaction.

As you might not have that particular ENZYME in your system, which needs to digest the food.

Your Immune system is responding incorrectly to the substance.

Do you have any other symptoms also like gas, bloating, cramps, etc.?

I can see it’s an IBS condition. Or there can be a viral infection/food poisoning.

Trackback and try to identify what had happened when it started. Have you eaten outside/ ordered some food/ under cooked animal product/stale fruits/juice/ pesticide filled milk/ STRESS!

Try to stop every thing and eat only khichdi twice daily with coconut yogurt for a week.

Add little organic coconut oil to it. First 3 days only plain khichdi. Then you may start adding veggies, cook them very well.  Try not to drink tea or coffee. You can have herbal tea. 

No fruits, no raw food/salad.

Are you drinking it for better digestion/weight loos/hormonal
There are few claims that drinking 1-2tbs of apple cider vinegar before
meals can aid digestion.
I am sorry but, there is no/limited scientific research to support this or
other benefits.
In my opinion, Apple cider vinegar is safe in small quantities but may
erode tooth enamel and can cause stomach upset in some people.
BE CAREFUL as large amounts may be NOT SAFE to consume over long

If you have to eat Maida then take digestive herbal medicine like pudin hara with the meal. Or take
1 tablet of Milk thistle herb along with the meal.
Eat carom seeds 1/2tsp after the meal or drink ginger tea.

It's normal to have a headache when there is bloating.
There are 2 main causes of intestinal gas:
swallowing air & bacteria that digest food. Eating fast, eating too much, or feeling stressed increases
the amount of air we swallow. We burp about 50% of this air, the rest passes through the intestines
& is released from the rectum.
Decrease your intake of gas-producing foods for a
few days
like-Meats, fish, nuts, milk, lentils especially chick pea s a& kidney beans. eat light khichdi kind of
food for few days. Drink cumin/ fennel / mint/ ginger tea 2-3 times daily.
Try one herb in one tea, and see how they work for you. and berries don't produce much gas.
Take pudin hara pearls 1 with every meal for 1 week.
If you have regular digestive issue in that case start digestive herb – MILK THISTLE 1-2 TABLET with
every meal for a month.
Or you can you will be Fine, super soon.

You probably will not poop without drink warm/hot water the next morning.
Some people continue to pass liquid bowel movements also. So I really can t say a confirm yes or no.
No harm in drinking 3-4 coconut's water also, during the water fast.

PUREED/MASHED  foods don’t have to be chewed, so it makes them easy to swallow and digest.
Your digestive system has to make less effort 🙂
If there is no reason behind eating mashed food, then I am a bit concern!
Fast once a week, eat fruits, veggies/ veggy juice, avocado, or herbal/warm water.
When you feel the need to detox
Go on the Khichdi diet for 3 days.
add1 tbs of organic coconut oil to the khichdi.
Add veggies of choice
1-add spinach or any other green leaves
2- add carrot and  green peas
3- you can add ghiya
4- cauliflower + green leaves
You can mix any ONE dal and any ONE glutenfree grain
Yellow mung dal/ channa dal / red lentil  +  rice/quinoa/ millets
Add green chutney and fermented pickle to every meal.
Please do not start the probiotics.
This is a mistake because, in some cases, they can actually make your symptoms worse!
The majority of true IBS is caused by an overgrowth of predominant/beneficial bacteria in the gut.
 Adding more microbes to the mix with probiotics too early can exacerbate – vs. fix – the problem!
Slow, conscious, and mindful eating is most important.
Please work on stress levels.
Exercise every day as it will help in proper digestion of the food.
Peppermint, ginger, and fennels( saunf) are all carminative herbs that help the GI tract release trapped gas and eliminate bloating and cramps by relaxing the muscle wall of the intestines.
Activated charcoal is also effective at absorbing excess gas in the gut
( make sure it’s taken away from all other supplements and medication, ideally right in between meals, as it will bind other substances as well).
My favorite, specific supplement recommendations include a mixture of these elements, e.g., Gaia Herbs’ “Gas and Bloating” formula and Heather’s Tummy Tamers. *
For one week, start digestive enzyme at the beginning of every meal.
 If they help, continue for 3 months.
Excellent basic, full-spectrum digestive enzymes are Renew Life’s “Digest More”  and Enzymedica’s “Digest.”
EAT HIGH fiber ( green leaves and veggies), drink 2-3 liter water, eat complex carbs and avoid refined sugar and flour/ bread, eat healthy fat like avocado, soaked nuts, and seeds, eat fermented food( pickles, idli, sauerkraut, etc.) for probiotics)
Avoid dairy and animal products for 2-3 weeks.
Taker 400-800 mg magnesium citrate each evening after dinner.
Unlike medications that force your body to shove out a stool artificially, magnesium works for bowel movements because it’s what your body naturally uses to move them along in the first place.
(in a natural wave-like muscle movement all along the GI tract called peristalsis).
Many times chronic constipation is just chronic magnesium deficiency.
If you are not comfortable taking supplement pills, I recommend magnesium powder that fully dissolves in hot water.
(my favorite brand is called Natural Calm).
Drink it as a relaxing warm drink before bed that will work its peristalsis magic overnight.
Note:  taking too much might give a short-term case of loose stools or diarrhea; in such case, you can cut back on the dose.
A total elimination diet ( 3 months) may include
Not just reduce it.  But rather 100% eliminate it – cold turkey – for a time to allow IgG antibodies to disappear and then reintroduce the food.
I believe eliminate 100% for at least 3-4 months.
After fully eliminated a food 100% for at least 3 full months, you can“reintroduction” one food at a time.
Other than dairy and animal products and gluten, these are other important allergens-
Avoid all alcohol
Take a little of Katha Powder(Catechu), mix in the water, and gargle with this water twice daily.
You will be fine very soon.
Dip your feet in cold water for up to 20 minutes daily. It will cool down your body heat.
You can start eating gond katira 1 tbs ievery day.
Read the process to prepare gond katira from my page.
Nutritional yeast is a deactivated yeast, meaning the yeast cells are killed while being processed.
It’s a great source of vitamins, minerals & complete proteins like those found in animal products.
The yeast which creates allergies is called active yeast, which we use for leavening bread, cake/ baking, etc.
In general nutritional yeast is safe to consume for everyone, moderation is key.
Start slow and watch the body’s response towards this, and follow your heart.
Restoring them after antibiotics is extremely important.
*Start adding homemade fermented foods every day into your meals like sauerkraut, yogurt, kombucha, and kefir
These foods contain active cultures,
strains of good bacteria that can help you to rebuild the gut flora population.
*If you can manage to get organic fruits and veggies, after washing please eat them without peeling the skin, this will work as a food for the bacterias.
Eat lots of green leafy veggies
A diet high in sugar can feed the BAD BACTERIA IN YOUR GUT, creating a suitable environment for the not-so-good microbes to thrive

*Stay RELAXED and take care of your SLEEP as STRESS is HARMFUL to the GUT flora

Do you mean how to start eating right?
The question is not clear to me, but you can start with eliminating the allergens in your diet.
Then build the gut bacteria with healthy eating habits.
Please read More swipe up.
If you notice bloating, changes in bowel movements, or any other type of digestive upset after eating dairy products, this means that dairy causes inflammation for you.
If you have sinus and increased mucus production, arthritis condition this also indicates the same.
To find out if you’re sensitive to dairy milk, you might consider an elimination diet. You simply cut out dairy for a while and then reintroduce it in 3 weeks, see how you respond.
There is so much more other than the food.
1-Mindful eating
2-Stress management
3-How you cook your food , like if you do not soak the lentils, beans overnight and do not cook them on slow heat,  your body can not digestion and absorb them properly
4-If you eat Nonorganic food, which has a lot of chemicals and pesticides in it, it can give you stomach upset and flatulence.
5-If you live a sluggish lifestyle, it has a direct connection with gas and digestive disorders.
6-Please swipe up and read more about your answer, and start The supplements/ herbs.
1-Weigh loss -YES
2- Have an alkalizing effect on the body -YES
3-Help maintain the pH balance of the body- YES
4- Low calories juices -YES
1- Weigh loss -NO
2-Contain natural sugars but consuming too much of some fruits can cause blood sugar spikes -NO
3- For instant energy – YES
4- If you do intense physical activity/ physically draining tasks- YES
5-Fruits are naturally sweet, so high in calories  -NO
*Eating 1 type of fruit, without mixing it with other fruits  is a good option in general
VATA BODY TYPE ( gas/burps/bloated) – Go for short juicing / not be suitable for juicing at all.
These are the various options-
MILLET  STUFFED ROTI ( add veggies, mashed potatoes, etc)
Quinoa/ besan wrap with stuffed veggies
Besan (chickpea flour) chilla
Baked besan pakora
Chickpea cutlet
Chickpea cheese cubes
Oats pancake with cocoa chocolate paste
Millet cake
Millet cookies
Millet crackers
Millet ladoo
Corn tortilla chips and salsa or guacamole
Sweet potato fries
Rice cakes with homemade chocolate paste/ peanut butter
All people pass gas, but some people produce more gas than others.
It is normal to pass gas from 6 to 20 times a day.
Although this may embarrass or annoy you, excess intestinal gas usually is not caused by a serious health condition.
1- milk and dairy products can have both gas and bloating as well as other symptoms.
2- constipation
3- How much bread and refined flour he is consuming
4- How much junk food, sugar, and food deep-fried is going in his system
5- How much is his activity level?

Humans are unable to digest lectins, so they travel through guts unchanged.

It can cause inflammation, GI problems, leaky gut, joint pain, etc.

In my opinion, soaking (at least 12 hrs) sprouting and cooking, eliminates lectin and make them perfectly safe to eat.

Most of these lectin-containing foods are high in vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants and have numerous benefits so we can not ignore them.

Wash and soak 1/4 cup rice during the day and cook at night with the same water.
Preferably in terra cotta/ earthenware.
Once cooked, the texture should be like baby food ( mushy, watery)
Once it cools down ( warm), add a bit of salt( optional) 2-3 green whole chilies without washing them( we need bacteria from the tip of chilies)
Cover with the lid and keep it undisturbed the entire night.
In the morning, eat the fermented rice as it is no need to add anything.