Cooling Herbs (Pitta pacifying herbs)

Cooling herbs are used to remove excess heat to balance the PITTA.
They are calming & relaxing.


Commonly available cooling Herbs-
Edible ROSEBUDS & petals ( Desi Gulab)
CHAMOMILE dried flowers 
LAVENDER fresh & dried flowers
VETIVER  roots (KHUS )
MINT dry powder & fresh leaves ( pudina)
DILL fresh leaves
CORIANDER seeds & fresh leaves  ( Dhania)
FENNEL fresh seeds & leaves / dried seeds (Saunf)
NEEM fresh & dried leaves
INDIAN GOOSEBERRY dried powder & fresh ( Awla)
TAMARIND fresh ( Imli)
HOW TO USE THESE HERBS/ fresh leaves?
If you like warm drink/hot tea even in the summer
I Do
Boil the herbs/leaves in the water.
Or infuse them in the water,  sip the delicious aromatic tea.
If you like it cold.
Soak them for 5-7 hours in the water.
Strain &  drink.
If in rush, boil them in water, at medium flame.  Let them cool down, strain & drink.
If you don't like to drink them in any form!
GULP them in the powder form with water (depending upon the texture)
You can combine them to make concoctions & drink to enhance the benefits.
Add lemon juice, once it cools down a bit, to get extra benefits of vitamin C
It helps to boost the immune system as it fights infection.
Medicinal CALMING Herbs-
( Please must consult with your doctor, before consuming these herbs)
LICORICE ( Mulethi)
JATAMANSI  (calming dreadlocks look-alike herb)
SHATAVAI (Calming herb to balance the VATA & PITTA)
ANANANTMOOL  (stabilizing & cooling impact)
BRAHMI ( helps to balance excessive Pitta, the reason behind the hair problems)
(In the next post I will explain, how to prepare & use these beneficial herbs)
Do you use herbs
My day starts  with a herbal tea ️
& ends with a herbal tea 
& in between, I Drink herbal tea.