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FAQ Diet & Nutrition

These are the seeds that you can eat all year round
1- Pumpkin & sunflower seeds.
2- Melon, cucumber seeds
3- Sesame seeds in moderation
Crush them and eat
or add little water over them and eat after an hour.
Chew them well and drink water
Soak them and mix in water/juice/add in the smoothies/ yogurt etc.
️What is your ACTIVITY LEVEL?
Exercise and yoga/stretching are essential to lose weight & maintain it.
️Try to reduce grains to reduce the weight further.
️ Dinner/ last meal of the day around SUNSET
( Not after that)
You can drink herbal tea/ chia water after that.
Drink nut/seed/ coconut milk before bed if you are hungry.
️Eat grains only in the LUNCH.
️For dinner instead of grain
Eat besan chilla/ lentil idli with MY STYLE OF ZERO OIL soup.
️Drink chia water throughout the day.
It will keep you full.
️Once a day, eat a whole bowl of salad with 1/2 avocado in it.
Preferable away from the meal ( not with the meal)
Snacking right is essential:
Eat seeds, coconut, lotus seeds & peanuts.
No, dates can not interfere with calcium absorption.
1-Please make sure to use only organic soybeans to make soymilk at home.
( Please scroll down to know how to make soy milk at home)
2-High levels of sodium
— Excessive salt can interfere with calcium absorption.
– Insufficient vitamin D— Vitamin D is crucial for calcium absorption.
Eat Semolina ( suji) in moderation if you are trying to lose weight.
It’s high in carbohydrates, if you are watching your carb intake then avoid eating it.
The biggest health concern with semolina is simply that it is extremely glutinous.
If you have sensitivity/ intolerance, of gluten, it can cause discomfort or bloating.
Combine it well, eat  high protein & high fiber vegetables with this.
Be careful while adding sugar & milk to suji, it  can  elevate Blood glucose levels.

Keep yourself hyper oxygenated by doing pranayam and meditation to increase the immunity.

All citrus fruits ,papaya, Kiwi & berries,coloured vegetables like bell peppers, broccoli,green leaves all are good to boost immunity.

Drink nut milk add a pinch of turmeric + black pepper,cacao powder and a soaked date to sweeten it.

Herbal teas are great way to clean the system and boost immunity.

Start your day with 1tsp of organic amla powder (indian gooseberry)

Cough relef- stops oil, ghee, dairy and all animal products for few days, you will a benefit in your condition.

Drinking ginger tea helps in cleansing the throat. Chew on licorice roots/drink tea made by boiling roots in the water.

In my opinion, you have to take care of two things the most
Heartburn and acid reflux
1- Your diet should have low / NO spices
2- NO tea or coffee ( you can drink green teas)
3-If possible STOP SUGAR,  Gluten, DAIRY & animal products
4-Pre-prepared or fast foods
5-Bread & cereals
1- fermented food
Coconut/ peanut/ nut  yogurt
kimchi, kefir, sauerkraut etc.
2-leafy greens vegetables, lentils, beans, organic tofu
3-whole grains ( no refined bread, pasta, maida, kulcha)
4-Soaked nuts ( 10 max )  & seeds( 2tbs )
5-Avoid citrus fruits, you can eat apples, berries, and seasonal fruits.
6-Add these herbs to your diet
cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, fennel, coriander, etc.
6- Stay vigilant, watch  the food item which creates acid reflux, stop eating
There are numerous gluten-free options that are easily available in the Indian market/online.
1-Prefer organic grain
2-In the summer months, you can replace wheat with barley, rice, quinoa, amaranth, oats, and sorghum (jowar)
You get flour and grains in all options.
You can cook the grain after soaking overnight and make roti with the flour.
3-Take the flour and add 1 tbs of flax powder in 2 roties, pour warm to hot water over it.
let it cool down and then add the salt, pepper, any other veggie, spices, herbs, etc.
make a dough and make roti.
You can add steamed potato or sweet potato for additional softness.
4- In the winter months you can use bajra, makki, and foxtail millets flour/grain.
5- You can make cookies, cakes, chips with this flour too.
Please start with soft fruits like ripe bananas, avocado, papaya, and chikoo, etc.
You can start green smoothies, nut and seeds/ coconut milk smoothies ( add cacao powder/ vanilla powder for extra taste)
Amranth/ oats porridge, soft khichdi/ custard/ kheer/ lentil/ veggies blended soups.
You can give the baby homemade banana bread/muffins.
Please add soaked dates/raisins as a sugar substitute.
If possible, No sugar for the baby.
Make tofu with organic non-GMO soya beans, and you can introduce it to the baby.
I start my day with an awla powder capsule by organic India.
Drink water
BREAKFAST: 1 cup or a little more steamed sprouts + chopped1/2 avocado, onion, tomatoes, cucumber.
A squeeze of lemon/ tamarind pulp
Some days nut/ coconut /seed milk with 1 protein ball
PROTEIN – any one option + Dal -1 cup/ Channa/ black channa/ tofu
VITAMIN+ FIBER  = 1 cup vegetables, 1 small steamed beet root + small amount of steamed salad / spinach / kale on the side & green chutney+ fermented pickle (1-2tbs)
CARBOHYDERATE =  quinoa/Millet/ wheat =one roti  OR cooked millet/ quinoa -1/2 cup
FAT =3tbs of coconut yogurt/ raita
Some days I eat quinia/ rice + dal khichdi with coconut yogurt raita and pickles+ steamed salad+ steamed beetroot etc.
MIDEVENING: Herbal tea with 1 protein ball/ seeds
A big bowl of lentil + veggies soup + more veggies ( stir-fries) NO GRAIN
someday I add 2-3tbs of cooked grain/ a small besan chilla/mung chilla/lentil idli/ chickpea noodle
If I eat dinner around 6 PM, then I drink NUT/ SEES/ COCONUT milk before going to bed or otherwise drink chamomile tea and go to bed.

Your question is not very clear to me but
I am trying my best to answer. Drink Green Tea/homemade herbal tea 4-5 times a day.
(ginger/mint/ lemon grass/fennel/cumin/ rose etc) Sencha tea is particularly helpful in weight loss.
Infused/flavored Water- sip whole day / whenever you wish to.
Vegetable Juice.
Dal ka pani.
Clear soups.
Drink chia water (add flavors) (Recipe in quick eats)
Blended veggies/ lentil soups. (get the soup recipe in soup highlights).

Is it ok to sip water standing.
Answer – Drink water 30 minutes before the meal.
and 1 hour after the meal.
Yes please never drink water while standing.
As water directly through, the required nutrients & vitamins do not reach to the liver and digestive
We can risk our lungs and heart.
Erik slowly and sip by sip.
Ayurveda says, you can also harm your joints & bones
The speed of the water and style of stinky plays an essential role in your overall health.

Soak RAW peanuts after peeling them over night.
Spread them on the kitchen paper towel after draining them in the morning.
Now eat them and dry them in the oven/dehydrator/sunlight/roast, them in pan/ oven
They will become crunchier again.
Try them
You might not get an allergic reaction.
Be careful and please eat in moderation and be watchful of the response.

STOP refined sugar completely.

SWITCH to whole & natural sugar substitute like soaked dates/raisins/figs/gooseberries/fruits. When you eat whole with full fiber, it will give you a more satiated feeling.

Roasted organic corns, steamed beetroot, steamed and roasted sweet potatoes, roasted coconut flacks. Nuts (up to 10 per day) and seeds(1-3tbs) will be an amazing sugar substitute.

Add chia seeds to water. Drinking this water keeps you satisfied and full; you do not crave sugar.


Make healthy balls with cacao powder, soaked date, soaked nut, & coconut butter. Keep them handy, and when craving sugar/ chocolate, eat them.

Supplement 1-Magnesium citrate 250mg after breakfast a month regulates glucose and insulin levels. Mg deficiency will cause intense sugar cravings, especially for chocolate.

2-Zinc picolinate (up to 30mg)for a month or as required helps the body metabolize insulin & glucose; deficiency can cause sugar cravings. 3- Check the omega-3 and complex also.

You are changing the food because you must be facing a severe health problem.

If your current food is not giving you good health, in that cause no harm in trying the new lifestyle Give it a fair chance for 21 days and see the results, then decide accordingly.

With age and lifestyle, adulteration in the food industry, we have to change our food choices.

When you were young, you must be playing football/basketball, but now you are sitting while day in front of your laptop.

We are not the same, so our diet can not be the same

Red potatoes are healthier than regular potatoes if eaten with the skin. Both are high in potassium and vitamin c.

In general dark colored potatoes were healthier. This applies to all the fruits as the pigment promotes good health. Try to eat organic food in veggies is as much as possible with the skin as the skin has a lot a benefits and is higher in fiber. Along with this skin is  food for the gut bacteria

In general, yes, they can have a soaked date per day.

Not more than one date per day.

Must monitor the sugar reading after 2 hours of eating a date if reading is under control that’s fine otherwise you can try it 3-4 times a week. Must check the reading after eating and make a conclusion based on it. Take care

Oatmeal with milk of choice.

Fruit smoothies

Hummes with thin sliced salad stick Raw/steamed.

You Can give him soft besan chilla also.

Homemade steamed and stir fry sweet potato/ potato fries. Make sure to wash them well and do not peel the skin

All the best, happy experimenting.

Start your meal with vegetable soup.

1. Eat 1 portion of dal (any protein source), 1 portion of vegetables, 1 bread/roti, and 1 cup of steamed salad in lunch & dinner.
2. Add 1 tbs of chia seeds in a litre of water bottle
3. Keep it close to your desk, sip it whole day, it will keep you full
4. Snack on 1 cup of lotus seeds/ peanut + seeds mixture
5. If hungry eat ½ avocado
6. Cucumber is a low snack too

Sabudana helps in weight gain.

1 cup of sabudana has 544 calories! They are a rich source of carbohydrates, starches and calories. Yes it`s highly processed food & should not be eaten everyday. It can give you digestive disorders like bloating, constipation.

Complete NO for people with chronic diabetes & heart disease.

You can eat 1 sweet potato every day.

The only condition is with the skin, please do not remove the skin. Wash it well by rubbing and steam/roast it.

Keep yourself hyper oxygenated by doing pranayam and meditation to increase immunity.

All citrus fruits, papaya, Kiwi & berries, colored vegetables like bell peppers, broccoli, green leaves all are good to boost immunity.

Drink nut milk add a pinch of turmeric + black pepper, cacao powder, and a soaked date to sweeten it.

Herbal teas are a great way to clean the system and boost immunity.

Start your day with 1tsp of organic amla powder (Indian gooseberry)

Cough relief- stops oil, ghee, dairy, and all animal products for few days, you will benefit in your condition.

Drinking ginger tea, it helps in cleansing the throat. Chew on licorice roots/drink tea made by boiling roots in the water.

Yes, you can turn vegan at any age. Eat a healthy balanced diet that has a variety of rainbow color fruits, vegetables, beans, legumes, nuts & seeds.

Organic Soy products, plant-based protein powder, all types of mushrooms &sea green weeds.

B-12 supplement is important. Keep a check on Vitamin D (vegan or otherwise)

I use them in my salads/ side dishes or any topping, like in sandwiches. Add in the stir-fry veggies or the pasta salad.

Is it possible for you to stop dairy and animal products for a month?

coffee, tea, and alcohol also.

Follow satvik food like fruits, vegetables, soups, salads, soaked nuts and seeds, coconut water.

No sugar and NO outside food. Eat light homemade food with fewer spices.

You will get miraculous results in 2-3 weeks.

1-Yoga, pranayama, and meditation every day is very helpful also.

2-Go to sleep (around 10 pm) and wake up at sunrise at the same time each day.

3-Aerobic exercise for at least 30 minutes three times a week.

4- After every 2 hours, sit for 5 minutes with closed eyes, Inhale a exhale.

AFTER WAKING UP: 1 coconut water with malai
BREAKFAST: 1-2 Cups steamed mung/ moth sprouts
( Add chopped onion, tomatoes, lemon juice/ imli pulp, green chilly, salt & pepper
+1/2 avocado or 1/4 shredded raw coconut )
LUNCH: dal/ channa ( white/ black/ raj mah/lobia/tofu) + vegetables, salad and
quinoa/ amaranth /buckwheat/ sorghum/ cornmeal/oats roti (1-2)
DINNER: 1-2 bowls of Dal  soup with stir fry veggies
If hungry add cooked amaranth/ quinoa/ oats /sorghum grain to this soup.
Single fruit/ soaked nuts (10-15) and seeds (1-3tbs)/ peanuts/protein balls
This diet has plant-based clean protein in all the meals & snacks.

Vegan food sources of iron include beans, peas, lentils, tofu, broccoli, kale and green beans.

As Vitamin C helps to increase absorption of iron, always pair your iron-containing foods with tomatoes, citrus, melon, strawberries, broccoli, papaya or bell peppers for an added boost

1-pomegranate & 1 steamed beetroot every day- Always sprinkle few drops of lemon juice, a pinch of Himalayan salt, black pepper for better absorption.

Yes, Phytoestrogens mimic estrogen because their chemical structure is very similar to human estrogen. But their effect is weak on the body because they do not bind to do the estrogen receptor as firmly as the body’s estrogen.

There is no full-proof scientific research against eating pumpkins. If in doubt, it’s safe to eat less. There are several benefits too, eating them.

The outer-shell color of chia seeds is the main difference in black and white chia.

Both Seeds are the same in taste, same in use, and almost nutrition values. Use them as your dish requires getting the answer in detail, please clicking the calcium recipes highlights on my page. Go to calcium recipes; you will get information

It’s very good for this season, it’s cooling, refreshing, full of nutrients, like vitamin c & iron.

You can add carrots and lemon juice to it.

It’s great for your skin and complexion

If you feel VATA imbalance after drinking raw juice, add a small piece of ginger to pacify the Vata.

Ideally, eat them alone.
if you want to combine the,
sweet fruits can go together
Like a apple with pear
Berries of all types can be eaten together.

You can have 10 soaked nuts (mixed or any one) per day 1-3tbs of seeds everyday (mixed
or any one)In my opinion always eat sprouts after steaming them as otherwise it might cause
digestive problems.

They can help improve glucose and insulin tolerance.
They can eat 3-4tbs of all or any seeds every day.
You can add nuts like almonds, walnuts, and pistachios also to the daily diet of a diabetic person (10-
12 mixed or anyone)

For UC patients, Amaranth flour is good.
Rice is the best grain for such conditions.
Stop raw green completely, no spices, chilly, etc., and no deep-fried food.
1-Weigh loss -YES
2- Have an alkalizing effect on the body -YES
3-Help maintain the pH balance of the body- YES
4- Low calories juices -YES
1- Weigh loss -NO
2-Contain natural sugars but consuming too much of some fruits can cause blood sugar spikes -NO
3- For instant energy – YES
4- If you do intense physical activity/ physically draining tasks- YES
5-Fruits are naturally sweet, so high in calories  -NO
*Eating 1 type of fruit, without mixing it with other fruits  is a good option in general
VATA BODY TYPE ( gas/burps/bloated) – Go for short juicing / not be suitable for juicing at all.
These are the various options-
MILLET  STUFFED ROTI ( add veggies, mashed potatoes, etc)
Quinoa/ besan wrap with stuffed veggies
Besan (chickpea flour) chilla
Baked besan pakora
Chickpea cutlet
Chickpea cheese cubes
Oats pancake with cocoa chocolate paste
Millet cake
Millet cookies
Millet crackers
Millet ladoo
Corn tortilla chips and salsa or guacamole
Sweet potato fries
Rice cakes with homemade chocolate paste/ peanut butter