I am an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Longevity Diet Expert & Whole plant-based cooking coach, who happens to be a Yoga Teacher too. I am based in Dubai, India & London and consults clients around the world. My passion is teaching and helping people how to use food as medicine to slim down, clear acne, handle hormonal imbalances, auto immune disease and feel amazing. I have spent the last four years guiding people through dietary and lifestyle changes that fit into their busy lives. I received my training from the Cornell University, Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York and Academy of Healing Nutrition London. I am graduate in Medical science from India. My Yoga training was done through International Sri Sri School of yoga Bengaluru India. I was born and raised in Rajasthan. I was working as an artist for more than fifteen years and received few prestigious awards for my work including Senior fellowship award from culture department of India for my project “Art As Therapy”. Due to my husband’s prolonged Diabetes condition Igot interested in nutrition and holistic healing. I turned it into a career after I got overwhelming results in my husband’s health. After switching to whole plant-based lifestyle, he left his medicines completely and I got amazing results in my health and well-being. I find a beautiful shift in my conscious levels. I am currently based in Dubai with my family. I belong to 5 A.M. Club and believe in the power of mediation (inner work) I am a regular meditator since last 20 years.

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