Artist Surekha's palette has colours of Nature
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Thirty-nine-year-old Surekha Sadana comes from a family of doctors in Rajasthan. It would have been but natural for her to follow the family tradition but her love for fine arts became evident since young age when she would spend hours drawing diagrams in detail for her school projects.

Today Surekha is known as an artist whose paintings are inspired by nature and represent its beautiful hues. She has been on the panel of designers of many industrial houses like Neptune Overseas FZE, U.A.E.; Universal Trading House Limited, Hong Kong. Her works are found in private collections of many art lovers in Dubai, US and India.

Self-taught artist
Her journey to become an artist was not possible had it not been for her perseverance and determination. Though she did graduate in medical science with distinction in biology, her sheer passion and love for art remained deeply embedded to resurface later in life.

Since Surekha never wanted to be a doctor, she joined women's polytechnic in fine arts after graduation. "I used to draw the incidents of my life when I was a child. Art can never be taught but training helps us in sharing our views and getting to know the market scenario," she says.
Surekha is a self-taught artist and her tryst with painting began at a tender age that was soaked in the culturally rich and vibrant surroundings of Rajasthan. Becoming mother at a young age left her with little time to chase her love for fine arts but she did not give up easily. Such was her obsession that many times she would start painting late at night and continue into the wee hours to satisfy her artistic urges.

Early success
When her very first painting got sold off even before it was completed, there was no looking back. She held many exhibitions in India and Dubai where her works were appreciated immensely and now she has been practising art for over 10 years. Now she is a mother of two children but still manages to devote five-six hours out of her daily routine.
Her works are woven around themes with the feminine figure standing out as the central character, deep-- rooted traditions and the understanding of her own spiritual needs and beliefs. The clean strokes and realistic tones that emit from her brush are practical and soothing, yet capable of depicting a strong spiritual essence that successfully brings into focus one's thoughts, dreams and realities.

Her series of paintings include cosmic series and spiritual series. "I started with spiritual series because I am a person who meditates a lot and I get many of the ideas of painting from there only." she explains. Of women portrayed in her cosmic series she says, "Women are breaking all mental and social barriers to move ahead in present times". The artist selects her colours from the palette offered by nature. "Just like Nature offers a vast range of colours in perfect coordination and harmony, I wish to bring out the same coordination in my paintings," says the artist.

Social work
Surekha has also been painting for Khushi, an NGO run by Kapil Dev. She says, "All my proceeds go for charity. The first part of the money I give to my maids who are responsible for giving me a peaceful mind. The peace of mind is the most important thing for an artist. The remaining part of the money goes to an organization that works for widows and orphans".

About her future plans she says, "I have a long way to go and I want to learn more and paint more".

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